Lonnie building his snow shelter at 14.2K with Denali’s summit ridge in the background.
Image by Lonnie Dupre courtesy www.oneworldendeavors.com, SOURCE
Alaska debrief: Denali winter attempt aborted at 17' ft

Posted: Feb 10, 2013 06:42 am EST
(Newsdesk) After one month on the mountain Lonnie Dupre quit his Denali winter attempt at around 17' ft and returned home last week.

Check in on his website for cool pics from the climb. As for the decision - too cold, too high, too old said Lonnie in this video debrief:

Denali 2013: Return from Lonnie Dupre on Vimeo.

Dupre attempted a solo Denali summit (20,320 feet) the last two winters and made it to 17,200 feet. The latest (third) attempt was aborted at around the same altitude.

The Arctic explorer and climber flew to the Kahiltna Glacier at the base of Denali on January 8, 2013, carrying 34 days worth of supplies.

Only nine expeditions, totaling 16 people, have ever reached the Denali summit in winter, and six deaths occurred during those climbs. Of these previous winter expeditions, four were solo. Only one team of three Russian climbers has ever successfully summited Denali in January, the coldest month.

A global warming documentary related to the expedition was recently successfully funded at Kickstarter.


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