The 3 HAPs and Thomas Laemmle opened the route on GII from 5550m to Camp 1 at 5920m; avoiding a track too close to Gasherbrum V (avalanche danger), Thomas reported. They found a way through the glacier at least 500m away from GV.
courtesy Thomas Laemmle , SOURCE
Thomas Laemmle: "The icefall this year is quite tricky, a lot of open crevasses. The route so far is marked with 50 bamboo wands."
courtesy Thomas Laemmle , SOURCE
82 porters and 15 donkeys arrived at Gasherbrum BC (5050m) last week.
courtesy Thomas Laemmle, SOURCE
Amical's Pakistan teams continue their climbs

Posted: Jun 26, 2013 03:40 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) Amical's two teams on Broad Peak and Gasherbrum II are safe at their Base Camps after setting up camps on the respective mountains. Their home team sent over news to ExplorersWeb today about their teams in Pakistan.


All the climbers of Broad Peak and Gasherburum I + II are secure at their respective Base Camps, reported German home team member, Dominik Müller. "Today I had a telephone call from my Expedition leaders in BC at Broad Peak and GII + I. They are all okay and secure. The police and military are in the BCs and control all people who come in the BCs. At the moment, all Expeditions are going on."


"The Broad Peak climbers are back from Camp 3 and looking for a summit push in the next days. Gasherbrum II + I reached CI and fixed the route on GII to Camp 2 over the banana ridge."


The Gasherbrum I + II expedition is led by Thomas Laemmle. June 26th news on the Amical website is that members of the expedition carried equipment to their depot tent at 5550m yesterday; starting 1:30. Three High Altitude Porters (HAPs) and Laemmle tried to find a route from 5550m to Camp 1 at 5920m while trying to avoid a track too close to Gasherbrum V because of an avalanche danger. Laemmle reported, "We found a way through the glacier at least 500m away from GV. By 8:00 we reached the site of Camp 1 and set up a tent. At 9:00 we started our descent down to Base Camp. We reached the upper edge of the icefall at 11.00. It was already extremely warm, the snow was wet and soft. After 4h in knee deep snow conditions and 7 crevasse falls we finally reached Base Camp."


Robert Hochreiter and the Broad Peak team acclimatized and set up camps in good weather and reported a steep climb to Camp 2; 40° to 50°.




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