A group photo of Slovakians Expedition on Diran Peak with Alpine Club of Pakistan officials.
Col.Manzoor Hussain and Peter Leader of Slovakians Expedition.
ACP: More Foreign Mountaineering Expeditions arriving Pakistan

Posted: Jul 06, 2013 10:13 am EDT

(By Karrar Haidri/ExplorersWeb Pakistan) A six member Slovekian mountaineering expedition headed by Mr Peter Skorik arrived in Islamabad early on 1st July 13 to climb 7,273 metre high Diran peak in Nagar, Distt Gilgit. This was the first mountaineering expedition to visit Pakistan after the brutal killing of 10 foreign mountaineers and one Pakistani staff on the night of 22nd June 13 at Nanga Parbat Diamer Base Camp. It may be noted that two of the slain mountaineers Mr Anton Dobes and Mr Peter Šperka were Slovakians.

On arrival of the Expedition at Alpine Club of Pakistan office for their normal briefing session, a press conference was arranged by ACP at the Media Centre of the Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad. On the occasion, ACP Secretary said that arrival of this expedition was important for Pakistan as it underlines confidence of foreign mountaineers and trekkers in the security situation of the mountain areas of Gilgit Baltistan.

President ACP Manzoor Hussain intimated that the expedition leader had consulted him immediately after the Nanga Parbat incident and was informed that it was an isolated case which should not be linked with the overall law and order situation of Gilgit Baltistan. He assured the expedition that Govt of Pakistan and Govt of Gilgit Baltistan have undertaken adequate security measures to ensure safety and security of foreign visitors to the area. On the occasion President ACP also offered condolence on the demise of their two countrymen in the Nanga Parbat incident. He thanked the Slovekian expedition for launching their expedition as per their original plan as their visit will auger well with ten other mountaineering expeditions which are finalising their plans to visit Gilgit Baltistan in July to attempt various peaks in the area. President ACP wished the expedition success on their Diran climb. On the occasion it was also clarified that Nanga Parbat till date has been climbed by 334 mountaineers from various countries including 22 Pakistanis.

Speaking on the occasion the expedition leader Mr Peter Skorik explained that it was their first visit to Pakistan and although Nanga Parbat incident forced them to revisit their plans but after assurance from Alpine Club of Pakistan they decide to visit Pakistan as per their plan. He said he was sorry for the Nanga Parbat incident but it was part of life and it should not be extended beyond this. He said that they are here to enjoy climbing Pakistan’s beautiful mountains and have no interest to involve in politics. He hoped that concerned authorities will ensure the safety and security of their expedition during their climbing on Diran peak.

After the Press Conference the expedition was briefed about the peak and their documents were checked and completed in ACP office.