Somira Sao, Tormentina ( 3) and Raivo (9 months) enjoying some fast downwind sailing in the cockpit.
Atlantic family crossing close to end

Posted: Jul 15, 2011 08:28 am EDT
The family of four James Burwick, Somira Sao, Tormentina ( 3) and Raivo (9 months) suddenly discovered that their Atlantic family crossing where coming to an end when they sailed in to a a big fleet of fishing boats. They have spent 18 days so far and only have a few left in their 40 feet racing machine Anazasi Girl.

Here's their latest log entry:

"Day 18 46.39N 12.02 W
Last night. always at night during a sail change we entered a new place in this North Atlantic With wind pumping up the volume a bit I went on deck to drop the code 5. Big Red I call this sail. 3.3 oz kite that kind of rolls up with the Facnor furler. The top never gets tight because of its cut. First I see one fishing boat then they all showed up. Big party[over 20 boats] that
I did not know about. Radar went on. Difficult to tune it with the sea state and moisture in the air. Gain, STC. FTC you might know the drill.

Family camped out in the nav seat watching a Disney DVD Tangled. Kind of triage time. I decide it was time to get the kite down. Not so easy. I was thankful
it was not my first go round with the girl. BIG RED. Got her down but part of her went in the sea. No worries. I let the halyard go to the stopper knot
and let it drag along side. We were already deep down wind. That is when I noticed a big red fishing boat coming close to take a look at me. I guess
that is what they were doing. Talk about getting irritated by some one watching you while you work. Just like the sign in the mechanics shop. One
price for you let them work and another for when you watch. Not so big fishing boat. 60 footers with big outriggers. Dragging lines. Got the kite
aboard and down the hatch. the Solent unrolled.
Making 12 kts instead of 12-15. Now it is dark and there are lights everywhere. Down below it is approx 7 o clock. The time when the kids go off. Arsenic hour or happy hour if you have something to drink. Radar tuned.

Back on deck with the hand held remote and my laser flare. All cool. I made an announcement on VHF that I was coming through with limited ability to maneuver. Well not true, but whatever.

First boat that came by for a look see got a green light on their rig. After that no more came by. Who knows what happened, but the outcome was cool for
me. Next 12 hours and here we are with radar on to 3 miles and the boys and girls are out fishing.

Closing in on land. Some 300nm ahead. Heading a bit south of east for comfort. Wind is at 120 true at 18-20ktds. this pushes the apparent to 90.

Not nice below. But the heat is on and we are warm and We are going a bearable course instead of worse and more rhumbline. Wind shift is imminent
in a few hours and we will make northing at that time. forecast is SW 35kts for the English channel. But this is future. So it is just that nothing more. But these things , ideas stick in your head. At least the
wind direction is good.

We got out the mate, the cuerno and the bombilla from Argentina. We have been off caffeine for 18 days and now is the time for a few all nighters.
And most of all. assuming that all the other vessels will not do the right thing.

Party is over. My private ocean is gone and it is the business end of the trip."