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Congratulations team! 4 members of our team reached the main summit. 2 members of our team reached the south summit. Now we are accepting bookings for 2017 at www.EverestNepalClimb.com . Welcome to the team!

1 member of our team rescued climbers from other groups.

Leslie Binns, 42, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, turned around to save Sunita Hazra, an Indian woman, who was scaling the summit ahead of him.

1 June –

• Update on ‪‎Sherpa‬ death tragedy on Mount Lhotse. They may have been tying new rope to 3 year old rope and placing no anchors = BAD

• SummitClimb member receiving praise: rescuing climber on ‪#‎Everest‬. Please google: “Les Binns Everest Rescue”. we r so proud of you!

• Everest‬ SummitClimb member Les Binns saved climber’s life on summit day. George Kashouh and Gary Ervin helped too. Good work team!

• Now SummitClimb team at ‪‎Lukla‬, “World’s Most Dangerous Airport”. weather seems to be holding, hope we will fly to kathmandu today.

30 May – Pangboche town, ‪Everest‬ Exped storeroom. Yak + Sherpa babies, Rhododendrons and towering Mount Ama Dablam. You joining in October?

29 May – Early sunrise ‪Everest‬ bc: yak bells jingle, Sherpas load huge bags. From top of camp an enourmous chearing: Everest Marathon !!

26 May –

• Sherpa‬ Rescue Team are camping with us in C2 tonight. These are teams of 6 Sherpas who patrol ‪‎Everest‬ at the end of the season

• A section of the icefall collapsed today, blocking up and down traffic. We need those ice fall doctors to fix it so we may descend

• SummitClimb ‪Lhotse‬ team retreats to camp 2 after yet another blizzard blasts & buries ropes. It feels avalanche, unsafe. We quit.

24 May – SummitClimb Mount ‪‎Lhotse‬ team update: High winds have the team pinned down in camp 3. Hoping for calmer weather so they can go up

May 23 –

• All of team 2 have now downclimbed from ‪‎Everest‬ Summit to safe and warm Camp 2, where we have a skillful cook. We are so thankful.

• All SummitClimb ‪Everest‬ South Col members now descending ‪‎Lhotse‬ Face down to camp 2. Hopefully they make it before today’s storm.

May 22 –

• Congratulations to SummitClimb Team 2 on reaching the summit of ‪‎Everest‬ and returning to the ‪SouthCol‬ safely. Bad weather. B Safe

• SummitClimb team 2 now ‪Everest‬ summit in snow blizzard. Exhausting 13.5 hour ascent. Now facing difficult descent. Pray for them.

21 May

• SummitClimb ‪Lhotse‬ team is now advancing on target: world’s 4th highest ‪mountain‬. Today camp 3, tomorrow camp 4, then try ‪‎summit‬.

• Member from another team passed away in tent on South Col last night. Deepest condolences to their family and expedition team. Sad

• We’re camped ‪‎Everest‬ South Col awaiting tonight’s 7pm ‪‎summit‬ attempt. Camp has appx 50 tents. Gps locator says we are in China!

• Beautiful weather in south col today! Taking a rest day, sipping on oxygen and drinking tea. Summit push tonight! -George Kashouh

• Team 1 has descended to camp 2. team 2 is in camp 4 preparing to go for summit. Please wish us luck.

19 May –

• SummitClimb Team 1 resting South Col after ‪Everest‬ summit. Team 2 has now climbed to C3 and will try Everest summit day after tom

• Now trying to identify which group climber was with. Not Summitclimb but oh my God, how terrible. Deceased body has tragically appeared at base of ‪‎Lhotse‬ face. Not from SummitClimb. Sherpas saw climber falling unroped 30 min ago.

• Radio call just now received: 100 percent of SummitClimb Everest Team 1 are now on top of Everest. Sunny day. Congratulations!

• SummitClimb Lhotse: weather is good but the ropes are not yet fixed, so team is standing by in camp 2, where it is safe and warm

18 May – SummitClimb team 1: no summit last night (too windy). Try tonight. Team 2 holding at C2: Precaution due to lack of tents South Col.

17 May – Everest‬ C4 ‪‎SouthCol‬ destroyed: wind. Most tents broken. Groups flee. Our team 1 survive bad nite in torn tents. Try summit tonight.

16 May – SummitClimb team B is now in camp 2 after a challenging ascent from base camp. Team A is on the South Col waiting. Too windy there.

15 May – SummitClimb team 2 now packing for tonight’s climb up through the Khumbu Icefall and attempt on Everest. Please wish us luck.

14 May – Good discussion today with EverestER about how to help Sherpas and climbers be more prepared for high altitude emergency

13 May – 14 foreign climbers and 13 sherpas reached the summit of ‪‎Everest‬ today. Congratulations!

12 May –

• A large section of the Khumbu Icefall just collapsed. No injuries reported yet. Teams are stuck. Now searching more ladders, rope.

• 9 Sherpas Summit ‪Everest‬ At 17:30 !!

11 May – SummitClimb ‪Everest‬ team 1 sets off for the top of our world’s highest peak tonight at 2am. Please wish them the very best of luck!

10 May – Welcome tn Everest Basecamp Trekker’s Rock. Upon this spot 1000’s of dreams come true! (bad weather, we are hiking around camp)

9 May –

• Heavy snow in Everest basecamp now with a hailstorm and 2cm accumulated on the ground in front of my tent with snow still falling

• Jangbu Sherpa radio call from Yellow Band: 6 SummitClimb Sherpas trying to reach South Col – oxygen delivery. Bad weather: Go Back!

• High winds begin 5am this morning. By 8:30 am ‪Everest‬ summit and upper mountain is obscured by cloud. SummitClimb team assessing.

8 May – Sunny in basecamp. High winds and snow aloft. Sange Sherpa had been feeling poorly but he’s better now & gone up to carry oxygen

7 May – Today dawned foggy and the clouds moved up to cover the high reaches. The sun popped out later in the day to reveal new snow.

6 May – Heavy snow in ‪Everest‬ Basecamp at the moment. Our Sherpas are working high up on the mountain, carrying oxygen, ropes, tents, food

5 May – Rest days: Hot showers, big meals, comfortable basecamp. Many members trek through low villages with thick air and fried chicken.

3 May – Basecamp rest and relax. Hot showers. Clean laundry. Delicious home cooked meals. Movies, email. International phone calls home.

2 May –

• We have returned to basecamp with one delicious meal after another and loads of hot drinks. Cat and Klaus trekked out. We miss you!

• We perch on iceledge. Centre Khumbu Icefall. Crackling blue ice towers surround. Downclimbed 5 ladders to here. GO! Not safe place

• 5am in camp 2. we are packing and preparing for long trip down to basecamp through the icefall. Heard a lot of rumbling down there

1 May –

• Escape camp 3 down icy, windy, snowy Lhotse Face. Back in C2 safely. Team helped each other. Next: early am icefall descent to BC

• Wake up Everest C 3. Its 5:30am. Winds + snowfall = poor visibility, means descent to basecamp required. Hope to avoid avalanches

30 April –

• In Camp 3 at 7100m / 23,000ft. Climbed a lot of blue ice to get here. its a clear evening. tomorrow good weather go yellow band

• Its early here in camp 2. Winds are light, skies are blue and we are packing for the trip to camp 3. Lhotse face looks blue and icy

29 April – Lhotse face reopens! Ropes moved to new position. SummitClimb team walk to base of face. Sherpas setup C3. Tomorrow we ascend!

28 April –

• Update on Lhotse Face Shutdown: Sherpas descend to icefall, retrieve ladders, carry up to bridge new crevasse at base of face. Hope

• Big News: an ice collapse has closed the Lhotse Face. All teams retreat to C2. Now studying safe options: ladders vs long detours?

27 April – Team rests in Camp 2. Basia, George, Martin arrive. All together again. Sherpas climbed Lhotse Face to C3. Blue ice due to drought

26 April –

• Team arrives C2 at 6473m / 21,040ft . Crossed W Cwm, now known as Western Barbecue. Roger and Steve choppered out. Miss you guys

• Now packing in camp 1 for ascent to camp 2. Winds lighter last night. We were able to rest. It seems a weather window opens for us.

25 April – Members now reunited in camp 1 at 6100m / 20,000ft. The icefall has been repaired after serac collapse. EverestER docs healed team.

24 April –

• Today 1 year anniversary. 25 April earthquake Nepal – Tibet. 9000 lost. Our team now in Camp 1 on Everest. We miss you Tom Taplin.

• High winds here. Team rests C1. Lots of hot drinks, soup. Marty, Steve up from BC. Basia and George up tomorrow. Sherpas setup C2.

23 April –

• Team climbs up Khumbu Icefall. The route is longer due to drought = many crevasses. Now we are comfortable in Camp 1 @ 6100 metres.

• We packed all of our mountain clothing and equipment. Preparing to head up to camp 1 at midnight. wish us luck and light winds!

22 April – Expedition blessing ceremony led by high priest from pangboche. Sherpas danced and sang and led toasts to Everest. Team enjoyed it!

21 April – Sangay, Steve, Martin, Dan, Basia ice climb, cross ladders in camp. Team treks to 5800m / 19,100ft.

20 April – High wind strikes Everest BC. Some tents broken. SummitClimb team mobilizes. Secure camp, extra ropes. Forecast = more extreme wind.

19 April – Ice climbing training on towers near Everest BC today. Sunny not too hot. Axes, helmets, ropes, harnesses, screws, jumars, 8s!

18 April –

• Everest‬ BC gold sunrise. 15 min walk: visit ‪Icefall‬ Doctors, ‪EverestER‬ hospital. Check climbing gear. Tasty dinner. Watch movies.

• Tony helicopters out of Everest base in morning. Family emergency. Our office put him on flight home in afternoon. We miss you Tony

16 April – Trek from Lobuche to Gorak Shep, the last teastop. Together we trekked into #Everest basecamp, to a warm welcome at 5300m / 17500 ft

15 April – Clear morn. Snow dust over trail. Trek through Dughla memorial honor ‪Everest‬’s fallen. Tonight Lobuche 4950m / 16,200ft

14 April – Trekked Dingboche hill 5000m / 16400ft. Stunning views Makalu. Snowy afternoon. Potato pancakes, hot showers, friends.

13 April – Team blessed by Pangboche high priest. Sipping tea beneath Ama Dablam. Trekking to Dingboche village @ 4400m night snow

12 April – Walk upper Khumbu Valley. Stunning views Thamserku, Kangtega, ‪‎Everest‬. Lovely lodge at Pangboche. Small quake last night!

11 April – Rest acclimatize Namche. delicious late breakfast. walk ‪Everest‬ view hotel. chocolate cake, pizza, billiards, showers

10 April – Entry Everest National Park. Walked up big hill to Namche Bazaar. Sherwi Kangba Hotel very comfortable. Museum, gallery.

8 April – Group meeting Everest Tibet, ‪‎Everest‬ ‪Nepal‬, ‪Mount‬ Lhotse. Final packing and making medical kits. Tomorrow fly to Lukla

7 April – Members arrive. We are checking their gear and visiting Kathmandu’s 100 mountain climbing shops: Shona’s, Everest Hardwear

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