Win Of The Underdogs: Congratulations Our New President

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Editorial: The uprising of the American people

For our readers outside United States, this is why Donald Trump was elected our president (the article is posted at Fox but written by a Democratic pollster by the way).

Last night, the American people rose against the media elite, the money, and the system of the ruling class.

At Explorersweb we have fought those evils for years. The cheaters on the covers of adventure mags, the rich kids buying medals from the establishment, the money-guys ruling Himalaya base camps and the Big Gear vendors cutting out the little guy.

To me, the amazing thing about Donald Trump is not that he won but how he won. An outsider, he ran on a tenth of his opponent’s staff, no ads, his own money, and fighting an almost united media in the end telling us outright out how to vote.

I’m not surprised Hollywood is in tears.

To our international readers I’d like to say, don’t fear. Trump “the racist” just gave us a first lady born a foreigner. You all know the charities “helping” porters (publicly) in Nepal and Pakistan while actually never treating them as equals. That’s real racism, right there.

More then a party victory, tonight’s result was a win for all the underdogs. Like myself. One day the same tactics may take me all the way to Space. Who knows.

Congratulations Donald Trump, our new President. I’m proud to be an American.

(Edit: Melania Trump will actually be the second foreign-born President wife in US, not first as previously stated. A novelty may be that Trump also brings in an ex-wife equivalent. The new power family will be an unusual mix in the White House: Two out of three Trump wives were born abroad and his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism.)

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