Amazon Walk Delayed By Brazil’s World Cup Wins

Revelers celebrate a Brazil World Cup game victory in a small Ticuna indigenous town

Pete Casey is traveling up the length of the Amazon River using only human power. He started out from the Amazon’s runout in the Atlantic Ocean and plans to travel to the Pacific.

People in the Ticuna indigenous region play soccer almost every day

Pete Casey says he had “an issue” with one of his new indigenous Ticuna guides and had to exit the jungle via a very long river paddle. He is now in a town re-planning and searching for a new guide, but the region, if not the whole country, seems overcome by soccer mania.

He had previously claimed that no one offered to be his walking guide because everyone wanted to watch the World Cup games. Perhaps we have to wait until Brazil loses (or wins the whole thing) in order for Casey to restart his expedition?

A Ticuna indigenous family.

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