Rajistan Deserts, A Twisted Ankle, Opiate Drugs

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Paul Salopek is on a nearly decade-long journey to walk around the world. As his path he has chosen humanity’s migration out of Africa some 40,000 years ago. He began his journey in the African Rift Valley of Ethiopia and started walking east once he hit Asia.

Salopek, donkey and guide cross through Thar Desert, Rajistan, India.

This week Salopek advances into the Thar Desert of India, crossing from Punjab to Rajistan province. His latest observations are of ancient relics of the 4000-year-old Indus River civilization, and of pastoral and roadside life. He has been experiencing throbbing summer heat and hot winds known as ‘loo’.

He is joined by a new walking partner named Prem Panicker, who, just as his journey has begun, is suffering from a twisted ankle.

New walking partner Prem Panicker has already suffered a twisted ankle.

In his latest article he talks about the vanishing opportunities for Punjab farmers and the resulting two directions taken by most Punjabi young men and women. One is a downward spiral into opiate drug use, and one is an exodus out of the countryside, to cities, or to industrialized countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, UAE or South Africa.

Camel owners attempt to show camel’s good nature. Salopek still prefers Raju, his current earless donkey. Abohar, India.

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