Cycling Phase Completed at Europe’s Northernmost Tip

Arch 2 Arctic

Briton, Robert McArthur and Scot, Poldy van Lynden are attempting an all-human-power ultra-triathlon from Marble Arch in London to Svalbard in the Arctic. The journey will consist of 1) Three marathons from London to Dover; 2) swimming the English Channel; 3) cycling from Calais, France, across Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and then to Tromso, Norway; and 4) rowing from Tromso to Longyearbyen, Svalbard in the Arctic. They are doing this to raise money for The Scouts, young adventurers in the UK.

Cycling Nowegian roads.

Rob and Poldy have just made their way to Tromso, Norway the furthest north tip of Europe. This completes 5 weeks of cycling across northern Europe from Calais, France in the wake of their swim across the English Channel. The latest portion of their journey showed a wealth of idyllic photos of fjord and mountain landscape.

Gorgeous Norwegian views.

Since they are sworn to make the journey completely by human-power, when a body of water must be crossed, they cannot simply take the ferry. They purposely chose a route across Norway that minimized ferry crossings. Nevertheless, at least three times since Germany, they have had to organize crossing such bodies by kayak, paddleboard or swimming. Most recently, across the Bognes to Skaberget fjord, they chose to kayak.

Kayaking across the Bognes to Skaberget fjord.

This marks the end of part 3 out of 5 of their mega ‘triathlon’. Next up, a sea-kayak crossing through Arctic conditions of the Barents Sea to Svalbard.

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