Solo Kayak of Lake Titicaca

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Pit stop near the border town of Yungoyu, Peru. Photo: Alvaro Walendowsky

Brazilian kayaker Alvaro Walendowsky is five days into his attempt to become the first person to circumnavigate Lake Titicaca solo.

Titicaca, which straddles the border of Peru and Bolivia, is the largest lake by volume in South America. Its elevation of 3,810m makes it the highest of the world’s large lakes.

Walendowsky started from the city of Puno in Peru on July 19 and is paddling in a counter-clockwise direction for 1,100km.

On the second day, the Brazilian was pelted with hailstones. Given its altitude and the winter season, morning temperatures have also been cool for kayaking.

“Day 2: More than 6 hours paddling today through waters and sand shoals. The cold doesn’t give a truce.” Photo: Alvaro Walendowsky

At the small border town of Yunyugo, Walendowsky is currently negotiating with border officials to continue his journey into Bolivia.

The Brazilian has sought advice from Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke. In 2013, Loncke and Peruvian Gadiel Sánchez Rivera made the first circumnavigation of the lake, in 38 days. This included some delay at the border.

Says Loncke: “Alvaro will have no problems and is faster alone. I think he can do it in three weeks.”

“After the storm comes the calm.” Photo: Alvaro Walendowsky

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Ash Routen

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Alvaro Diogo Bado Walendowsky

Thanks for the publishing friend! Regards from Brasil!

Eddy De Wilde

That’s a big job Alvaro, I hope you enjoyed yourself.