Shimshal: Poles Climb Virgin 6,000’er

Alpine style Karakorum
Shimshal, Pakistan. Photo: Polski Himalaizm Sportowy

Already in their first week, Janusz Golab, Adam Bielecki, and “the kids” (Maziej Kimel, Wadim Jablonski, and Michal Czech) have summited a previously unclimbed peak in the Shimshal.

Qtang Sar (their name) rises to 6,047m and is approachable from an Advanced Base Camp of 5,300m.

After a couple of days of rest, the now-acclimatized Poles will divide into two teams and head for their main goals: Gunj-e Sar West (6,150m) and Trento Peak. According to the Polish Mountaineering Association, Trento features 1,500m walls rising from the glacier.

Gunj-e-Sar. Photo: Andrzej Makaran


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Angela Benavides

Angela Benavides

Senior journalist, published author and communication consultant. Specialized on high-altitude mountaineering, with an interest for everything around the mountains: from economics to geopolitics. After five years exploring distant professional ranges, I returned to ExWeb BC in 2018. Feeling right at home since then!

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1 day ago

Why don’t they help the climbers on Rakaposhi instead? Everest again?

Lenore Jones
Lenore Jones
23 hours ago
Reply to  Merced

They did offer. They are in a quite distant part of Pakistan, however, so they would have had to be picked up and flown to Rakaposhi. It seems that other climbers were closer and able to get there more easily to help.