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A sign of change? Alongside trip- and climbing news; expeditions, interviews and editorials as a reflection of society are becoming increasingly popular in the world of adventure.

Enjoy politics, thoughts and unique trips in past week’s headlines from the edge.


Greenland Trio: Hucking Waterfalls in Meltwater River correne

Grapes of Wrath, 2016 tina

Kilian Jornet postpones Everest pythom

Russian scientists besieged by polar bears correne

Broad Peak Off Season: Cadiach Chases Finish Line tina

Sons of Everest: ‘Of course everyone wants to stand on top of the world once in their life” tina

Franklin’s Terror found in Arctic Sea correne

Greenland Trio finds put-in of meltwater river correne

Hoax Galore: When Adventure Meets Politics tina

Events and Expeditions

Behind the Lines of World War 2: Ian Packham correne

Expedition Dispatches

Transamazonica, Day 6 – Amongst the Japanese Transamazonica

Gorges d’Ardèche en Packraft. The Lost Rider. Planeta Packraft

A Fairlie good day Saving Hillary’s Antarctic Hut

Next Station Crew Launch Postponed Space Station

700 kms por la costa ‘salvaje’ de Groenlandia Windsled (Spanish)

Kilian Jornet postpones his dream of conquering Everest Kilian Jornet: Summits of my Life

Why a crowdfunded mountain rescue raised $200,000 in under a week Mark Horrell

News from Around the World

Autumn Himalayan Climbing Update 3 – Great Weather Alan Arnette Everest

IFSC Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships Paris: Report UKClimbing

Exploration of the Last Continent Adventure Kayak Magazine

Paris 2016 World Championships Day Five: Sean McColl Wins Gold for Combined Gripped

Marc-Andre Leclerc Makes First Winter Solo of Torre Egger, Makes History Gripped

Le belge Louis-Philippe Loncke parcourt 300 km à pied, seul, à travers le désert du Simpson en complète autonomie Un Monde D’Aventures (French)

A Polar Expedition to Challenge East-West Stereotypes Adventure Uncovered

Haida Gwaii Sidetracked Stories

U.S. weather org. to buy private satellite data Surfnewsnetwork

Slackline a 3000 metri (Italian)

Tentativi di invernali in solitaria sia sul Fitz Roy che sulla Torre Egger (Italian)

Expedition Update: Greenland Kite Kayak Supertrip 5000 Canoe & Kayak

Karakorum Expedition in the Spirit of East Coaster Cory Hall Gripped

North Coast Series: Surfin’ on Radio Waves Canoe & Kayak

Bode Miller Announces Comeback—and Sues Head Skis Outside Mag

Video: A Highliner Talks About Fear While Suspended 2800 Meters Up The Adventure Blog

Dog Paddling: Dawn LaPointe and Daisy Canoe & Kayak

Huge ice avalanche in Tibet Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Cristóbal Señoret, Max Didier y Carolina North escalan el virgen Monte Iñaki en el Himalaya indio Desnivel (Spain)

Roger Schaeli repeats Eiger North Face La vida es silbar Planet Mountain

Diversity in Climbing: A Difficult Conversation Climbing

New WIngsuit Racing Format World Wingsuit League

Intervista a Ueli Steck: “la maggior parte degli alpinisti arrampica come 30 anni fa” (Italian)

Snowy Everest Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Did Amelia Earhart Survive Her Crash in the Pacific? The Adventure Blog

Alex Honnold Talks About Race Cars, Big Balls and Sheep Gripped

Hillary Peak e Tenzing Peak, una spedizione alla conquista delle due nuove vette (Italian)

One piece of advice you’d pass on to any budding adventurist Berghaus Community

Try Climbing Outdoors The BMC )

Trips: Great Bear Rainforest Adventure Kayak Magazine

The 7 rivers, 7 continents project Adventure Uncovered

John Lauchlan Award Accepting 2017 Expedition Applications Gripped

Overboard sailor rescued by off-duty kitesurfing RNLI lifeguard Yachting & Boating World

Expedition To Circumnavigate Crete Adventure Kayak Magazine to Banff The Adventure Blog

Remembering Kyle Dempster: Alpinist, Barista, Superhero, Regular Guy Adventure Journal

Stuck in a Rut? Here’s a Way to Snap Out of It Adventure Journal open?msgid=mpJdYTzHxtzgrX3MSNMo9A2

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