Africa Temperatures Plummet from 105°F to Below Freezing!

Nick Butter is running a marathon in every country in the world, 196 in all, to draw awareness to prostate cancer.

Sao Tome and Principe

In the last two weeks Butter seemed to be running marathons in several more ‘unusual’ African countries. In Equatorial Guinea, Butter found “zen” because he left behind all the noisy motorcycles and children running alongside, and opted instead for a run among birds, frogs and lizards. In Gabon, Butter took a lot of nice photographs. Sao Tome and Principe is a small island cluster country out in the Atlantic. It was there that he became desperate for water and ended up making his run circuit back to his hotel.

A pristine, beautiful road in Equatorial Guinea

In perhaps the most unusual turn of events, Namibia, more precisely Windhoek, was around 20° Fahrenheit at 5500 feet elevation! The region had gathered a surprise cold spell. He had a lot of difficulty acclimating since most of the other African countries have had temperatures in excess of 100°F. He wore leggings and socks on his hands for gloves.

Seaside view in Gabon


No mention yet of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo or Angola, other countries in this same region. Perhaps he is planning them for later.

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