Dykes Is Back, Yangtze Source, New Team

Briton Ash Dykes is walking the entire length of the Yangtze River, the world’s third longest river and Asia’s longest. At 4000 miles in length and exclusively within China, the river begins at the foot of the Jianggendiru Glacier on the Tibetan Plateau at 16400ft (5000m) elevation. It then descends through deep gorges through a large part of the west and the Three Gorges region of central China. From the high mountain enclaves to the megalopolises of China’s eastern seaboard, Dykes plans to engage with the local culture, including participating in rituals and eating exotic food. He also plans to impart his knowledge about clean water and the dangers of plastic pollution to local communities.

After being forced to abandon his journey due to both his support crew and walking guide becoming stricken by altitude sickness, Dykes is back at it in full force. He now has a stronger support crew, will have two walking guides and has once again reached the source of the Yangtze (this time with picture).

From here on he will start down the 4000 miles of the river with his trusty pack horse, Caster Troy, and walking guides E Der and Bima. The first 200 mile section to the mountain village Qumarleb is considered particularly trying. The stretch is known for difficult terrain and dangers including encounters with bears and wolves as well as sudden, unpredictable weather.

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