Horia, the first Romanian on K2: "I Climbed K2 along with a crazy Spaniard"

Posted: Jul 31, 2004 04:00 am EDT

Horia called a friend yesterday around 19.00 [Pakistan time] and announced that he was back in Base Camp.

Writes his friend: "He said that 'I climbed K2 along with a crazy Spaniard' ..:) and I told him that we already knew he climbed with Inaki. He also said that it was a hell of a speedy and exhausting climb. He sait that they passed several climbers using oxygen on their way to the top! He is now packing his bags and estimated that he will be back in Timisoara in 5 - 7 days."

July 28, Horia became the first Romanian to bag K2, an amazing feat considering this was his first time above 8000 meter! Horia came to K2 with friend Fane (Teodor Tulpan) and climbed to the summit with Spanish speed climber Inaki Ochoa.

Teodor Tulpan and Horia Colibasanu came to Pakistan as a part of the ATP international expedition. They were supposed to meet Gheorghe Dijmarescu but he couldn't get to Pakistan as originally planned.

Horia is a member of the "CS Alternative Timisoara" climbing & mountaineering club. He is a dentist and practices climbing and mountaineering since 1998. He was in Caucasus in '98 and '02 where he reached Gumachi (3843) and Elbrus (5648) and had a failed attempt on Ushba. He next went to the Tian Shan range in '99 where he reached Khan Tengri (7010) along with Teodor Tulpan (Fane).

Teodor was by then on his second ascent after ascending a few days earlier with his paraglider in bad wind. He left the paraglider on the summit, and summited again a few days later with Horia but bad weather still prevented the flight, He then descended to 6800m from where he finally took off.

Fane (Teodor Tulpan) summited Everest in 2003 as a member of the Romanian expedition. He summited Khan Tengri and one of the 7000+ peaks in the Pamir range, Peak Communism. He was also on several Caucasus Expeditions. Fane works as a Mountain Rescuer in the Fagaras Mountains, Romania.

Last year Horia summited Matterhorn via the Italian Ridge after waiting for three days for good weather in the Carell hut.

Image of Horia Colibasanu courtesy of Andrei Simu