Apa Sherpa's new Everest record: summit number 18

Apa Sherpa's new Everest record: summit number 18

Posted: May 22, 2008 05:47 am EDT

(MountEverest.net) Apa Sherpa reached the summit of Everest for a record 18th time at 5:45 am on May 22. Ang Mingma Sherpa of Thame village was with him, reports Ang Tshering.

Check out a previous ExWeb special story on this subject "Everest: Who will be the first climber to summit 20 times?" (Links section). The current Everest summit record status is (courtesy Rodrigo Granzotto Peron):

Apa: 18
Chuwang Nima: 14
Lhakpa Gelu: 13
Phurba Tashi: 13
Big Dorje: 13
Nga Temba: 12
Mingma Tshering: 2
Nima Gombu: 12

Apa had no plans to make an 18th attempt this year until he heard about the Eco-Everest Expedition formed by Dawa Steven. The Eco-Everest expedition was created to study the effect of global warming on the glaciers of the Himalayas and to educate the people of the Himalayan highlands about the dangers of flooding due to increasing melt water.

Eco Everest near traverse double header

The Eco Everest expedition summited Lhotse yesterday at 8:35 am. They stayed on the summit for nearly 45 minutes. Dawa Steven plans to descend to Camp II, rest, and then attempt the summit of Mt. Everest with fellow team members of the Eco Everest Expedition.

International Lhotse Expedition 2008 Summitters:
Dawa Steven Sherpa (Nepal), Stuart G. Smith (US), David Liano Gonjalez (Mexico), Nima Kanchha Sherpa (Nepal), Pemba Tshering Sherpa (Nepal), Palden Nyange Sherpa (Nepal).

Dawa Steven reached the summit of Cho Oyu from the north side in Autumn 2006, and the summit of Everest in Spring 2007.

The International Lhotse Expedtion 2008 is organized by Asian Trekking.


Image of Apa Sherpa, courtesy of climbingforacure.com.