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Showtime! Yuichiro Miura, Fredrik Ericsson, Alberto Peruffo: sky skiing videos and more

Posted: Jul 09, 2008 04:37 pm EDT

(MountEverest.net) High altitude ski mountaineering is the next big thing in Himalaya. On Everest, some human records still fascinate. And then there is another burning issue - Tibet. Here go videos from all three topics.

Fredrik Ericsson's Dhaula ski descent

Last fall, Fredrik Ericsson hit Himalaya in one of the most snow-packed seasons ever. There were few summits - none on Dhaulagiri - although Fred came pretty close. It took four days of climbing in deep snow until risk of avalanche aborted further progress at 7900 meters.

"It was more than 3000 vertical meters of skiing in mostly powder snow down to base camp. Another snowstorm had pulled in before I took of my skis that evening," he reported. "Fredrik skied down the hill, arrived successfully to BC and left. That was the last we saw of him," Kinga and Dodo testified. This was Fredrik's third 8000er ski descent, following the central summit of Shisha Pangma (8012 m) and Gasherbrum 2 (8035 m).

Check out Fredrik's Dhaulagiri video. The climber used a headcam on his ski descent - the greatest in Himalaya that season.

Yuichiro Miura's Everest

This spring, 75-years-old Yuichiro Miura summited Everest at 7:33 am on May 26, after spending a signature night in high camp 5 just below 8000 meters. With him were Kazuya Igarashi, and Noriyuki Muraguchi (on his 5th summit).

Yuichiro Miura had climbed Everest before. Miura became record holder as the oldest Everest summiteer in 2003 at the age of 70. Also back then, he camped at the rarely used "emergency camp 5" above the Balcony. Camping here provides a shorter distance to the summit but a prolonged stay on this altitude is a serious challenge on the human body. In 2003, Miura actually stayed several nights in this camp, summitted and skied down a smaller part of the Lhotse wall.

Miura skied down the Lhotse face already back in the 80s and now he has posted videos both from the latest Everest climb as well as the historic skiing he made on Everest decades ago.

Miura's video

Alberto Peruffo's bell tower

Berlin, Paris, New York, Rome - Italian artist/climber Alberto Peruffo wants red flares lit in all these cities. The simple civil action will result in a monumental work of art and you are invited: lit a red flare on a high terrace or roof of any skyscraper, ancient architectural structure or tall building anywhere in the world. Send the pic to Alberto.

The title of the resulting poster will be "Lit Your Own Flame" and the manifest, along with other art forms planned for the event, will be an alternative to the Chinese Olympic torch, with the red smoke around the world aimed to show global support for human rights and Tibet.

The project has grown into a mega event. On May 11 - in the first ignition phase - more than 100 summits were involved including red flare climbers making a difficult ascent on Matterhorn.

Final Ignition is set for the official Olympics inauguration day, August 8th, 2008, regardless of weather. At 1 pm local time, synchronized (as far as possible) flares will smoke from mountains tops, hills, in cities, on and around monuments.

"To kick off the second phase of this work of art I have decided to 'ignite' a bell tower in my home town," Alberto reported. "A monument which itself has voice; the capacity of speaking the bells which often remain silent due to manipulation by power. From the heart of a small village in one of many Italian provinces a first alarm bell ringing so as to, once and for all, put into words what memory withholds."

Alberto climbed the tower and lit the red torch about a week ago, before wide-eyed onlookers. Check Alberto's video here


Screenshot from Fredrik Ericsson Dhaula skiing video (click to enlarge).
Screenshot from Alberto Peruffo's bell tower video (click to enlarge).
Well known for ‘the man who skied down Everest’ - Lhotse Face in 1970...