Spanish pedal to Annapurna metal - Saturday plans for C2!

Spanish pedal to Annapurna metal - Saturday plans for C2!

Posted: Mar 18, 2010 10:19 pm EDT

Were resting in BC after fixing the route to C1 and leaving a cache there, Edurne reported earlier today. We are feeling great and the weather is on our side for the moment. So, we want to get the best out of it: Early morning tomorrow, well set off again for C1, planning to spend the night and continue to C2 on Saturday. It would be amazing if we could have C2 ready and supplied by the end of the week.

Oh Eun-Sun: Climbing live on Korean TV

Eun-Sun Oh is currently acclimatizing on Tharpu Chuli (aka. Tent Peak, 5663m) and will join the rest of her team at Tatopani next Tuesday or Wednesday for a joint trek to BC team member Mr. Y. H. Park told ExWeb Korea correspondent Kyu Dam Lee.

Miss Ohs expedition includes a TV crew of at least 15 people from KBS Korean network, who will depart Korea on March 26th and hope to broadcast Miss Ohs expediton live, Park said. He and two Sherpas will support Miss Oh's climb. The Korean expedition sums up with BC manager D. M. Beak.

Carlos Pauner: I don´t like that mountain

I dont like Annapurna, its more dangerous than difficult. I would definitely skip it had it not been one of the 14x8000ers, Carlos Pauner told Desnivel.

Pauner is sharing permit for the German route with Juanito Oiarzabal, Tolo Calafat, Xavi Arias and Luis Rafols. They expect to reach BC by April 4-5.

Xavi Arias broken promise

Anna is not a mountain to hang around its a place to arrive, top-out and leave as fast as possible, said Xavi Arias. Hoping to become the first Catalan climber to complete the 14x8000ers, Xavi is back to a peak he had promised never to return to after a previous attempt in 2000.

That expedition was aborted after our C2 (with all our gear) was buried in an avalanche during the night. Earlier that day we had been discussing whether to spend the night in C2 or not.

Juanito Oiarzabal: I wish Edurne victory

Oiarzabal hopes to bag his second Annapurna summit (and 24th 8000+ meters summit), but not as the usual member in Edurnes Al Filo team. I guess Edurne and her team will be about to summit and leave by the time we reach the mountain it's better that way," Juanito said. "Also, it will leave the route open and fixed for a fast climb for us, Oiarzabal told Diario Vasco.

While he keeps no contact with Edurne, the Basque climber still wishes Pasaban the best. As a memory of the friendship we had for so many years, I still hope she will end up the first 14x8000er female summiteer, he stated.

Kinga Baranowska introduces pan-European team

Piotr Pustelnik and Kinga Baranowska (Poland), Horia Colibasanu (Romania), Peter Hamor (Slovakia), Sergey Bogomolov and Evgeny Vinogradskiy (Russia) and Joao Garcia (Portugal) are headed for a joint acclimatization climb on Pumori.

The team reached Namche Bazaar yesterday and, according to Kinga Baranowska, are coping with language issues. At first we thought we could communicate in Russian, but Horia understands just a little and Joao cant speak a word of it, she said. We tried English, but now the Russians shook their heads. When we met in Kathmandu Peter, Piotr and I had to act as interpreters, translating like crazy every comment.

Kinga reports a relaxing Khumbu trek, far from the usual pre-expedition hustle in Kathmandu. Joao is quiet, Horia is upbeat and Piotr is funny, she described the pan-european team.

Horia Colibasanu, sponsored by his hometown Timisoara hall, confirmed that he is back to Anna as a tribute to his lost friend Iñaki Ochoa. Should he succeed, he would also become the first Romanian Anna summiteer.

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Image by Ferran Latorre courtesy Al Filo de lo Imposible - TVE, SOURCE

courtesy Horia Colibasanu, SOURCE
File image of Polish Kinga (currently on her way to Pumori and Annapurna) last fall during the approaching trip to Shisha Pangma.
Image by Ferran Latorre courtesy Kinga Baranowska, SOURCE