Annapurna SUMMITS!

Posted: Apr 27, 2010 06:57 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) Horia Colibasanu has just called home from the summit of Annapurna!

"Today April 27, 2010, Horia finally managed to reach the top of Annapurna," his home team reports. "It is his third year trying to climb Annapurna. This time conditions were favorable and the team was successful."

"At this moment the descent Horia is already underway to his Camp 4 at 7500m. More details will come later as he descends further down to lower camps."

Further news are expected from his climbing mates and other teams pushing for the summit today.

Horia is climbing Anna as a tribute to his friend Iñaki Ochoa de Olza, lost in this same mountain two years ago.

Eun-Sun Oh set off from C4 7,200 m at 1:45 am this morning (local time). KBS is broadcasting the climb live since 12:30 Korea time. The channel is changed from CH1 to CH2.

Spanish Carlos Pauner, Juanito Oiarzabal and Tolo Calafat were climbing together with the Korean team.

According to a fresh forecast today, wind is blowing from the West at 14 m/s and temperatures on the mountain upper sections are around -29ºC. On April 17th, when Edurne Pasaban summited Annapurna, wind was 5 m/s strong, KBS reported.

American Nick Rice, not fully recovered from a head trauma (he was hit by a falling ice chunk last week) retreated back to BC yesterday.

According to the weather chart made by veteran Himalaya forecaster Javier G. Corripio a spike in the winds is expected for today Tuesday local time, reaching up to 20 m/s (45 mph) at the 8500 meter level above Annapurna (8091 m).

Miss Oh climbed to C4 straight from C2 on Monday, after being forced down from C3 late Saturday. Carlos Pauner, Juanito Oiarzabal and Tolo Calafat also reached C4 Monday after a very tough climb from C3, planning their summit push for 2.00 am.

Sunday reports located all teams between C2 and C3.
Spaniards Martin Ramos and Jorge Egocheaga left BC and climbed all the way to C3 in one single push Sunday, in order to join the summit group.

Horia Colibasanu, Peter Hamor, Piotr Pustelnik and Kinga Baranowska also checked in from C3 Sunday, and confirmed they would proceed to C4 Monday. While news is expected from Russians Bogomolov and Vinogardsky, they shared similar summit plans.

According to Nick Rice, conditions on the mountain are far from optimal: avalanches roared down the upper sections through the weekend and weather forecasts for the 27th still announced high winds. The gale is expected to decrease through the 28th and 29th only to be substituted by heavy snowfalls.

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Image by Ferran Latorre courtesy Al Filo de lo Imposible - TVE, SOURCE