Tolo Calafat lost on Annapurna - official statement

Tolo Calafat lost on Annapurna - official statement

Posted: Apr 29, 2010 07:50 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) "Sadly, I must confirm that Tolo Calafat passed away on Annapurna," Carolina Pueyo of Carlos Pauner team has just released. "I have talked to Carlos over sat phone at 7:40 CET (11:20am, Nepal tiem). Juanito, Horia and him have just arrived in BC."

"Carlos last contacted Tolo over the radio yesterday at 8:00pm. According to Carlos, there was only a thread of life in Tolo's voice. They sent a Sherpa from C4 carrying medicines, O2, a sleeping bag... The Sherpa climbed and searched for 11 hours; he couldn't find the stranded climber though. Loads of snow fell yesterday on the upper slopes of Annapurna, weather conditions were horrible."

"Today in the morning a chopper manned by an specialized rescue team from Switzerland (and Jorge Egocheaga) has flown over the area were Tolo was. They've swept the zone flying extremely close to the mountain slope - finding nothing at all though."

"After trying for a long time with no success, they've turned towards C4 and airlifted Juanito, Pauner and Horia. The three have been tied to a sling and flown that way back to BC. First thing Carlos did upon touching ground, was calling Tolo's family. They are desolated. Carlos, Juanito and Javier (Pérez) are deeply shocked as well."

"Best regards and thanks for your support,"

Carolina Pueyo.
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Image by Ferran Latorre courtesy Al Filo de lo Imposible - TVE, SOURCE