Climbers on the move to help Pakistan

Climbers on the move to help Pakistan

Posted: Aug 27, 2010 09:43 am EDT

"I have one request to all the mountaineering community out there," Gerfried Göschl called out in an email to ExplorersWeb. "Please don't forget the people in Pakistan, try to help too!!!" As a veteran aid worker in the country, Gerfried is already at work to raise funds.

The Göschls--don't forget Besham

"We've been told that the road to Besham is open again," Gerfried said. Göshl and his father, supported by other family members, traveled there and performed relief work in the area after it was destroyed by a massive earthquake in fall of 2005. After providing urgent aid (food, clothes, tents, sleeping bags, etc...), the Göschl family had a school built in the village.

"In the coming days we'll send a truck there full of emergency food supplies (flour, rice, oil) worth US$5,000," Gerfried noted.

Charity lectures

"Meanwhile, here in Austria, Hans Goger (my climbing partner on Nanga Parbet last year) and I have signed up to give some lectures in the next few weeks. All the money we receive from the conferences will go straight to provide help in Pakistan--directly to the victims with no intermediaries."

Also, 2009 team member Günther Unterberger will be joining me for the next lecture in hoping to raise more donations. Louis Rousseau will try a similar fund-raising event in Canada.

Info on the lectures can be found at Gerfried's website (Check link to the left).

More links for organizations providing aid

Also, Field Touring Alpine US office member Stu Remensyder asked us to pass on some links of organizations providing aiding, which are provided by a Pakistan-born US citizen, for those interested in providing aid from the United States.

"These organizations are helping the flood victims directly. All relief funds will be reaching the victims directly rather than going through third parties," Stu's friend Naz Mohamed explained. The links are listed by the Islamic Society of North America. Check them here.

Situation in Pakistan becoming even worse

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the area inundated by flood waters continues to increase and the number of people affected by the disaster has climbed beyond 17 million, according to the UN. Yesterday, hundreds of thousands more were prompted to evacuate their home in southern Pakistan as further rains breached embankments on the Indus River, BBC stated earlier today. "Parts of Pakistan have been described as resembling an inland sea," reporters noted.
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Unloading food at a relief operation launched by Göschl family in Pakistan quake-affected areas (fall 2005)
courtesy Gerfried Göschl, SOURCE
Family, the most important gift for Gerfried, in the image at home with daughters Hanna and Helena.
courtesy Gerfried Göschl, SOURCE