Himalaya wrap-up: Lonely climbers on Cho Oyu and Everest, news from Lhotse, Teng Kanpoche SOS

Himalaya wrap-up: Lonely climbers on Cho Oyu and Everest, news from Lhotse, Teng Kanpoche SOS

Posted: Oct 12, 2010 05:06 am EDT

Cho Oyu's fall 2010 season may fold up with an "anti-record" of summits bagged (just three reported so far). Only Quintero and the Koreans cling to a last chance forecast announcing decent conditions today.

On his own (except for his Shepras), Eric Larsen might be the loneliest Everest climber ever on the huge Khumbu glacier. Nearby, Jordi Tosas and Jordi Corominas are acclimatized and preparing to give Lhotse south face a shot.

Tengkang Poche -- have you seen Alexey and Svetlana?

"Russian climbers Alexey Gorbatenkov and Svetlana Gutsalo set off towards Tengkang Poche (6,500m)
by the end of September," Lena LAletina of RussianClimb told ExplorersWeb in an urgent note. "This peak is not far from Thame village, in the Khumbu region."

"The duo planned to fly home from KTM on October 7. No news still today," Lena added.

Family and friends at home are currently seeking for information on the climbers whereabouts. Anyone having met them on the mountain, in Thame, Namche or anywhere in the Khumbu valley please contact ExplorersWeb and/or RussianClimb.


The "Jordis" (Corominas and Tosas) are back from Lhotse Shar, where they have been acclimatizing up to 7,000 meters. "The mountain is overloaded with snow this season," Tosas warned his family at home. "However, we are now ready to attempt to climb Lhotse's south face. On our first push, we'll try to reach at least 7,500 meters high."

Cho Oyu

Just like Field Touring did last week, 7 Summits Club team has called the expedition a day, due to relentless bad weather. Most members are already in Kathmandu. "Only the Koreans (plus some independent climbers) decided to starve and wait in ABC for some better weather (for the first half of this week) promised by forecasters."

Santiago Quintero is one of those. He repoedly was unable to launch his second summit bid to the top from C2 last Friday, and returned to C1 instead. "There's good news though, conditions should improve on October 13 -- I'll go for it then."


On the north side of Everest, the Italian Hornbein team returned home, hopeless about conditions on the Couloir and shocked at the news of Walter Nones' death. "We don´t even consider to attempt the normal route," team leader Edmond ensured. "We came here to ski down Everest, and the normal route is not adequate for a ski ride, due to too many rocky sections. In addition, there is high avalanche risk even on the normal route this season." Before leaving, they climbed some nameless 6000ers near BC.


There are no teams left on Manaslu. The season is wrapping up with relative success though. Brazilian-American Cleo Weidlich has submitted some summit pics, to add to the ones she keeps about Hidden Peak, which she topped-out in the summer.

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Everest north side -- a place for meditation and quietness this season.
courtesy Italian Hornbein 2010, SOURCE
Santiago Quintero on Cho Oyu normal route last week.
courtesy Santiago Quintero, SOURCE
Cleo Weidlich, one of Manaslu October 1 summiteers, on the peak's snowy top.
courtesy Cleo weidlich