Eric Larsen & Sherpas SUMMIT Everest

Posted: Oct 15, 2010 07:23 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) Eric Larsen has just reported from Everest summit, where he stands together with his Sherpa team. Theirs are the first autumn season Everest summits in four years.

Rather moved and with the wind blowing on the phone micro, he expected to send a detailed report once back down in a camp.

Just as planned, the team set off towards Everest summit from C4 at the South Col earlier today, in mild wind conditions.

American Eric Larsen and his Sherpa team are alone on Everest, after Japanese Nobukazu Kuriki called it a day two weeks ago. The route is apparently fixed up to C4.

Two teams from Spain and Italy had also planned to climb Everest's north face Hornbein Couloir, but eventually retreated due to bad conditions.

Dave Hahn, Kit DesLauriers, Rob DesLauriers, Bryce Brown and Jimmy Chin were the latest Everest fall season summiteers. They topped-out on October 18, 2006.

Polar adventurer, musher and educator Eric Larsen, from Minnesota hopes to raise attention towards polar areas by trying to reach Everest summit, the North Pole and South Pole in a continuous 365-day period.

Starting in November, 2009, he skied 750-mile to the geographic South Pole, arriving on January 2, 2010. Two months later he set off from northern Ellesmere Island as member in an international team who reached the North Pole 51 days later. Next stop is Everest.

Eric is climbing O2-supported, together with a small team of Sherpas on the mountain's south side.

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Polar traveler and Everest summiteer Eric Larsen.
courtesy Eric Larsen, SOURCE