Newsflash: Gasherbrum II winter SUMMIT!

Posted: Feb 02, 2011 09:30 am EST

(Angela Benavides) A new page has been written in mountaineering history today: A Pakistan 8000er has been summited in winter for the first time ever. Denis Urubko just texted the news -reported to ExWeb by Lena Laletina of Russian Climb- : "Summit at 11:35. Going down, 7800. Hope to reach tent before darkness."

Story updated 4:30am EST: Basque Alex Txikon, currently aiming for GI and sharing Simone & Co's BC, has just reported some further details to Jorge Chueca of "The three of them (Simone, Denis and Cory) topped-out at nearly 11.45 am, local time," Alex explained over sat-phone. "It must have been extremely tough, since the weather turned for the worse while they were still on the way up."

Fingers crossed for a safe descent

Further details and news of the team's safe arrival at their highest camp are expected soon. Meanwhile, fact is that this is the first Pakistan 8000er winter summit ever achieved, Simone's third winter 8000er first after Shisha Pangma and Makalu, and Denis' second (Simone and him teamed up on Makalu, which they summited on Feb 9, 2009). Cory Richards, already seasoned in Nepal's winter 6000ers, bagged his second 8000er in the coldest time of the year. Feb3 correction: GII was not Cory's first 8000er as we previously published: he had already topped-out Lhotse last year.
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File image of a GII winter team member on the way to C2 last week.
courtesy Simone Moro/ The NorthFace