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Everest north side and Himalaya wrap-up: Everest BC reached; lost luggage en route to Kangch BC

Posted: Apr 12, 2011 05:20 pm EDT

(Brooke Meetze) How do you reach the baggage claim office on Kangchenjunga? Apparently the nine climbers from the Russian team have been left without gear in Kangch BC for five days already. The porters reportedly lost the loads en route to BC and turned back to the valley.

Lena Laletina from RussianClimb says that without warm clothes and food the situation is actually becoming critical. If you are a climber or trekker in the area and have seen the Russian loads or porters, please contact Lena at info@russianclimb.com.

In other news from the mountains:

Everest North Side

The Spanish team reported the borders opened early Saturday to Sunday. Parts of the AdventurePeaks planned to cross the border today, Tuesday.

On his way to BC David Liano was ticked off about losing hundreds of podcasts and all his music on the iPod. In the final ride the jeep had a flat tire and "finally I got an answer to my question," David wrote: "How many sherpas are needed to change a tire? A: Five."

Dave reports fewer stores and tents in BC (5,200m) than last year, at least so far.

More from Kangchenjunga

The Romanian/Polish/Italian expedition arrived BC April 8 in quite bad weather, wrote Alex. He too reported problems with his gear, and still waits for his last drum to arrive from Middle Camp at 4800m.

The barrel contains the team's altitude tents and his crampons and ice axes, "so pretty essential stuff."
"After a heated phone conversation to Kathmandu I sent down our kitchen helper Lok to try and sort it out," Alex wrote.

The climbers will work with the Russians to fix the mountain with rope and three high altitude camps (at about 6200m, 6650m and 7150m). Alex figures the job will take around three to four weeks, given good weather and proper conditions.

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One of Alex's equipment barrels had a first tough night in Kangch BC.
Image by Unknown courtesy Alex Gavan, SOURCE
Pawel's "Lucky Mirror".
Image by unknown courtesy Alex Gavan, SOURCE
Spanish Everest north side climbers Traso, Alejo, Vicente and Juan breakfast in Nyalam.
Image by Unknown courtesy www.dos8000.es, SOURCE