K2 north side: climbers at 7800 meters

K2 north side: climbers at 7800 meters

Posted: Aug 08, 2011 05:45 am EDT

(Newsdesk) K2 south side recent summit attempt barely over; word just arrived from Kazakhstan that a summit push seems to be in its final stages on K2 north side. Texting from a tent at an altitude of 7800meters, some 200 meters below camp 4 on their difficult route, Maxut told www.kazpatriot.kz that heavy snow fall prevented the planned 8 am departure. If weather clears by 1 pm, the climbers plan to continue up and set camp 4. Following weather forecasts, the Kazakhs initially hoped to summit before August 9 but it seems they now got one more day from the expedition mets.

K2 China (north) side:

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The climbers will need to fix the treacherous traverse next.
Image by Maxut Zhumayev courtesy Maxut Zhumayev, SOURCE