Himalaya: Piolet d'Or winners in Seoul and flights resumed out of Lukla

Posted: Nov 07, 2011 03:45 pm EST

(Newsdesk) Climbers and trekkers have been stuck by low clouds in Lukla over the weekend, some hiking to Jiri or resorting to expensive heli flights out. The weather reportedly cleared Monday morning and air traffic has resumed.

First checkpoint in the Everest national park region, airy Lukla airport is notorious for fickle mountain weather and sometimes long delays. Fatal accidents in later years have forced increased flight security.

Piolet d'Or Asia

The 6th Piolet d'Or Asia award ceremony was held at a hotel in Seoul, Korea on November 4, one day after the funeral service for the 3 Korean climbers.

The main award went (again) to Denis Urubko (Kazakhstan), while an Achievement Award went to disabled Japanese climber Yamanoi Yasushi (46).

Climbing Gyachung Kang (7,952 m) in 2002 with his wife, Yasushi lost 4 fingers and all toes due to frostbite sustained in an avalanche.

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Image by Kyu Dam Lee courtesy ExplorersWeb, SOURCE