Winter GI - message from Polish CB: "We will try again"

Posted: Feb 28, 2012 02:42 pm EST

(Angela Benavides) "Everybody is back in BC, including all members from both teams," Agnieszka Bielecka just emailed from GI's CB.

"We are preparing for another storm, forecasted to hit us around the 4th of March. Then, when the next weather window opens, they will try again," she ensured.

Snared - but not defeated

Same time, the Polish team has published a brief report on the recent summit attempt on the expedition website:

"(As we set off on Feb 25) we were aware that, on Feb 26 and 27, winds could reach up to 100 km/h at 6,000 m. We assumed that perhaps the wind would not be so strong and we could somehow reach camp 3. Unfortunately, we failed to do so."

"We turned back upon reaching the Japanese Couloir, i.e. 6,650 m above sea level, at night on 27th February," the Polish climbers reorted. "We returned to BC exhausted."

"As the proverb goes, “an old fox is not easily snared.” Well, it seems that we are not that old yet as we have made a clear false start," the Poles reckoned.

A short film and plans for upcoming days will be available soon.


Agnieszka sewing back the ragged canvas on the mess tent after the latest storm, in winter GI BC.
Image by Adam Bielecki courtesy Polish winter GI expedition 2012, SOURCE

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