Breaking news: Polish SUMMIT GI, Gerfried & Co. still on the way up

Breaking news: Polish SUMMIT GI, Gerfried & Co. still on the way up

Posted: Mar 09, 2012 08:26 am EST

(Newsdesk) Adam Bielecki and Janusz Golab summited winter GI at 8:30 local, time, according to a message by the expedition posted on FaceBook. The same note reports that Gerfried, Cedric and Nisar are still on the way to the summit from the south side.

Janusz and Adam, on GI's normal route, are currently back in C3 and reportedly continuing down to C2, where team leader Artur Hajzer awaits.

Ger & Co. still on the go

Also, there's finally news from Gerfried Goschl, Cedric Hahlen and Nisar Hussain, after almost 24 hours of silence. According to the same source ( the Polish team), they are still on their way to the top from the south side and planning to top-out in the afternoon.

"If they succeed, all five climbers will share the 'first' winter ascent," the Poles stated.

Comm mess due to solar storm

Lack of news may be also caused by solar storms, currently affecting communications and sat tech. Gerfried's tour agent Ali mentioned to the climber's home team that the solar storm is causing telephone and internet failures all around Pakistan.

UPDATE 2:45pm, local time: Alex Txikon's SPOT shows that he has returned to the route. ON his latest tracked point, he was close to C2.

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Image by Agnieszka Bielecka courtesy Polish winter GI expedition 2012, SOURCE
Aex's location (at C2) Friday afernoon.
courtesy Alex Txikon - Race Tracker, SOURCE