Manaslu summits closing the week, Shishapangma ongoing

Manaslu summits closing the week, Shishapangma ongoing

Posted: May 12, 2012 02:43 am EDT

(Newsdesk) The week is closing with Manaslu summits and continuous action on Everest both sides, Shishapangma and Dhaulagiri.

Annapurna is folding, all remaining climbers (Tunc, Don, Badia etc) are safe and headed home. There's an ongoing Spanish summit push on Shisha, covered by Montagna. Dhaulagiri is holding for another attempt next week. No more movement has been reported from Cho Oyu.

On Manaslu, Adventure Consultants reported Guy Cotter, Anthony Baldry and seven Sherpa on top. Full list of summiteers on the team's website. Guy reported a long hard slog; a very cold start and hard ice just below the plateau. Iran is on a roll: following Annapurna the community added Hosein Salehi, Jafar Naseri and Omid Amohammadi to the Manaslu summit crop. Word is Canadian Lucille de Beaudrap turned around.

On Everest south side, climbers such as the Eco Everest Expedition are in BC (so are Lhotse and Nuptse teams) after they ferried loads and established camp 4 at south col (7950m). One cool dispatch from the mountain speaks of the work being slow due to deep snow and a general feeling of 'Han' (Korean for despair mixed with a glimmer of hope) in BC.

On Everest north side, Asian Trekking's climbing Sherpas ferried loads and established camp 3 at 8300 m. Most climbers are acclimatized, and wait for good weather conditions to commence summit push.


Manaslu was even better Adrian said, recalling "the best Himalayan skiing I have ever done…"
Image by Nacho Orviz courtesy El Comercio Digital