Makalu summmit push is on

Makalu summmit push is on

Posted: Sep 27, 2012 05:56 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) "So today, we are at 7,450 meters, in a place where we only send a few photos and rest a little, because now comes the final battle."

It's D-day for Makalu climbers. Manaslu still weighing on them, Laura says the general tension she feels is further accelerated by her fear of heights.

"But above all my message to you is to never stop fighting for your convictions," she ended her message, "huge they may be as is this mountain."

Mexican surgeon orthopedist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Yuri Contreras climbed Everest four times (1996 -97, 2009-10) and summitted Cho Oyu, Manaslu, and Lhotse (he also has Shisha central).

Climbing with him is Laura Gonzales del Castillo, widowed with two young children before she met Yuri. Laura was the first female Latin American to climb Everest twice (2009 and 2010), by two different routes - and only the eighth woman in mountaineering history to do so. She was also the first Latin American woman to climb Manaslu (2008).

When not climbing, the couple goes riding motorcycles around their troubled homeland, hoping to show that by teamwork, dreams and intelligence Mexico can have success again. "Our view of life is simple," they say: "If others can do it why can't we; and if we can do it why can't you?"



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Live pic of Laura at 7,450 meters. The final summit push could be on at the time of this story publishing.
Image by Yuri Contreras courtesy Laura Gonzalez del Castillo, Yuri Contreras, SOURCE
Makalu has had few victories since the real top became accepted as the only true summit. Yuri and Laura carry the Contact fly-in route created on top of a 3D Google map. Check it out to study details of the line. Contact can also be used to attach live dispatches and pictures straight to the route as the expedition progresses.
Image by, SOURCE
Dr Contreras has treated many climbers in Himalaya for free. When not climbing, the couple rides motorcycles around Mexico, giving motivational speeches in hopes to inspire their troubled homeland.
courtesy, SOURCE