Himalaya live: summit pushes all around

Himalaya live: summit pushes all around

Posted: Oct 01, 2012 03:03 am EDT

(Newsdesk) One week ago an avalanche swept camp 3 and wiped out 11 mountaineers. A new batch of Manaslu climbers is now headed for the mountain's summit. Such is the human spirit: reborn, renewed, and immortal.

"Yeee haaw, we are all in camp four and in the tents," dispatched MntProffesionals from 7450 meters. Initially planning to leave the peak they had change of heart and joined the summit push.

The sky is clear and the route looks good. Watch the streams and expedition website for possible summit news.

Makalu: Expect more news from the two Mexicans!

“If the traveller, ascending his mountain, in the direction of a star, is completely absorbed by his climbing, he is liable to forget which star is guiding him”. Quoting Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Yuri and Laura explain why they had to turn back from 7800 meters on Makalu.

Seems the main reason was logistical, camp 4 was set in the wrong location which made further ascent dangerous. Bummed the two climbers joined the descending party but might not be out yet. They are worn and tired, Laura wrote from the mess tent today, "but our heart has a score to settle from Camp 4, so I hope to rest and recover a bit to give all we have to get the summit."

The climbers hope for a second chance between 7-9 October. "We might lose our way, but never the goal that got us here," she ended, "so expect more news soon from two Mexicans on Makalu."


Dan Mazur's SummitClimb updated in a short message that the team has reached camp 2 and is headed for camp 3 (7300-7500 meters).

Carlos Soria's BC crew confirmed, stating that the summit of the "White Mountain" (8167 meters) is scheduled for Tuesday. The senior climber told BC over radio that the route looks good, but he reminded also about Dhaula's risk of avalanche.


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Makalu summmit push is on

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Live picture from camp 4, 7450 meters, on Manaslu Sunday over ContactA 4.0.
Image by Ryan Waters courtesy MountainProffesionals, SOURCE
American climbing guide and polar explorer Ryan Waters is guiding MtnProfessionals on Manaslu.
Image by Eric Larsen
Image over ContactA 4.0 from Makalu 7800 meters Friday. "Expect more news from these two Mexicans," dispatched the couple.
Image by YuriContreras.com courtesy YuriContreras.com, SOURCE
Image uploaded from BC to illustrate the climb of Carlos Soria, 73, currently in C2 on Dhaulagiri. The route looks good, Soria said, but reminded that Dhaula is prone to avalanche .
Image by Carlos Soria courtesy BBVA Carlos Soria Dahaulagiri Expedition 2012