Winter Nanga Parbat update: Summit pushes ongoing

Posted: Feb 10, 2013 05:46 pm EST

(Newsdesk) Elisabeth Revol's home team told ExplorersWeb yesterday (Feb 9) that Eli and Daniele left BC in the morning hoping for summit on Tuesday (February 12) if the weather holds. Due to limited power on their sat phone little news is expected during the 5 days-long roundtrip push.

News is expected from Joel Wischnewski who announced a three-day solo attempt on the Rupal side before the weekend. Wischnewski was last in camp 2 suffering stomach cramps and holding for weather. His latest post (Feb 6) said he'll be moving for three days, going up the S-E pillar.

After reaching top altitude of 7400 meters recently Tomek and Marek are headed home. Check in for really cool pics on their blogspot.

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After reaching top altitude of 7400 meters recently Tomek and Marek are headed home from Nanga Parbat. Other pushes are ongoing.
Image by Justice For All expedition courtesy Justice For All Nanga Parbat expedition, SOURCE
Elisabeth and Daniele left BC yesterday morning.
Image by Daniele Nardi/Elisabeth Revol courtesy Daniele Nardi/Elisabeth Revol, SOURCE
Highest point recorded on Nanga thus far this season goes to Tomek Mackiewicz.
courtesy Explorersweb, SOURCE

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