Winter Pakistan: 2013 Nanga Parbat Videos

Posted: Feb 25, 2013 10:49 am EST

(Newsdesk) As reported on February 13th most of the Winter Nanga Parbat teams had decided to go home (except Joel Wischnewski). Elisabeth Revol said they were fighting for 4 days and trapped in a freezer on 6000 meters.

Below Videos posted by some of the 2013 Winter Nanga Parbat teams:

Mummery Attempt 1 from Daniele Nardi:

Nanga Parbat Winter 05 mummery 01 from Daniele Nardi on Vimeo.

Mummery Attempt 2 from Daniele Nardi:

Nanga Parbat Winter - videonews 07 - Mummery attempt 2 from Daniele Nardi on Vimeo.

The Polish Justice for All (Tomek and Marek) posted this one:

Nanga Parbat 2012/13 Winter from mrufkaz on Vimeo.

Ian, David and Zoltan:

No new news from Joel Wischnewski's rescue mission.



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Eli Revol: "The project of a lifetime ... my project for 3 years. A thirst for discovery to search for new sensations, extreme conditions, the commitment, the body pushed to the limits of its fortifications, a delicate balance between man and nature."
courtesy Elisabeth Revol, SOURCE
Eli [Google translated]: "Our way of ascent: an opening on the left of the path of Messner descent . The location of our bivouacs are located at the orange triangles. We have traveled the great difficulties of this new way to 6500 m altitude."
courtesy Elisabeth Revol, SOURCE

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