Death on Makalu

Posted: Apr 26, 2013 06:58 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) Gavin Vickers tweeted that their team mate didn't return from the summit, which Don Bowie confirms as Mr. Xiang Yang-Liu who died on the descent.

As reported yesterday, not much information is available about the climbers who have arrived on the mountain as early as April 7th and Iranian, Azim Ghychisaz, also in the early arrival group and reported a summit on the 23rd. Today solo, independent climber, Don Bowie, reports from Makalu's Advanced Base Camp that he is sharing the camp with 9 people from various countries and writes the following on his website:

"On the morning of April 23rd, four people claim reaching the summit of Makalu: Azim Gheichisaz of Iran, Mr. Chun Feng-Yang of China, Mr. Xiang Yang-Liu of China, and Lapka Dendi Sherpa of Nepal. I personally viewed Azim’s photos and can testify that he, Mr. Chun Feng-Yang, and Dendi Sherpa made the true summit - with Azim making the entire ascent without bottled O2. In 2012 I shared a base camp with Azim and both Chinese men on Annapurna."

"I regret to report that Mr. Xiang Yang-Liu died in a fall on the descent from the summit. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family."

Gavin Vickers, a team mate, who got bad respiratory infection, tweeted today, "did not recover for summit bid so am heading back to KTM in a few days. RIP Mr Leuw our mate did not return from summit."

They are on the Northwest Ridge Standard route.

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Don Bowie reports that Mr. Xiang Yang-Liu died in a fall on the descent from the summit on the Northwest Ridge Standard route. Image: Makalu, as photographed by one of the Swiss team members, David Bartch, on the West Pillar route.
Image by Daniel Bartsch courtesy Daniel Bartsch, SOURCE