Everest brawl: Ueli going home

Everest brawl: Ueli going home

Posted: Apr 29, 2013 04:30 am EDT

(Newsdesk) Climbers have dispatched over the weekend about a fistfight between Simone Moro's group and Sherpas fixing rope to C3. Sherpas claim the trio kicked ice on them while they were working on the Lhotse wall.

In a press release to Italian Montagna.tv Moro says his team climbed up the Lhotse wall well beside the fixed rope and then traversed to high camp at which point the rope fixing Sherpa leader became angry.

Commotion ensued after which the lead Sherpa ordered his 17 men to descend. The climbers say they didn't kick ice on the Sherpas and Ueli Steck even helped to fix rope above camp 3 before descending to camp 2, where about 100 Sherpa assaulted the trio.

The group was attacked with rocks and a knife, and told they'd be killed if they didn't leave camp, which they did using an unsecured off route to BC. No serious injuries are reported from the event.

Moro and Steck climbed Everest off the fixed ropes and without oxygen, hoping to carve a new variation route on the peak. They believe the lead Sherpa attacked them because his pride was hurt by their fast ascent; and also that he was tired and needed an excuse to retreat.

Three of the main Sherpas have been removed from the mountain by authorities for investigation. Swiss media reports that Ueli Steck has decided to leave Mount Everest and go home.

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Ueli Steck free-climbing the Lhotse wall during his first acclimatization round on Everest this spring.
Image by www.uelisteck.ch courtesy www.uelisteck.ch, SOURCE