Eye witness reports from Everest camp 2: the attacks were brutal

Eye witness reports from Everest camp 2: the attacks were brutal

Posted: May 01, 2013 05:58 am EDT

(Newsdesk) "Uli said that he was confronted by the mob and was immediately hit in the head by a fist followed by a rock to the head. Melissa pushed Uli into the kitchen tent to protect him from the mob..."

"...Simone got on his knees to ask for forgiveness and was kicked under the chin...

...[Marty] saw a man getting ready to bring a large rock down on Simone's head to kill him. Marty grabbed the rock and the mans arm and shouted “no, no violence.” For his intervention he received a rock to the head himself. Marty was still wearing the bandage on his head when I spoke with him."

Details are emerging in climbers' dispatches showing that the recent attack on Mount Everest was worse, much worse, than initially thought. American speed climber Chad Kellogg was in camp 2 around the time. His report is a must read.

Check also this Swiss media interview with Ueli Steck.

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Group photo in Base Camp April 30th. Left to right: Jonathan, Uli, Simone, Melissa, Chad, Rory, Damian and Alexander. Uli and Jonathan have flown out by helicopter and Simone will follow tomorrow, Chad reports.
Image by Chad Kellogg courtesy Chad Kellogg, SOURCE