Pro-Alpinists Have Mixed Reactions, Questions about Everest Brawl

Pro-Alpinists Have Mixed Reactions, Questions about Everest Brawl

Posted: May 02, 2013 08:18 am EDT

(By Nick Boudreau) While the names of Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, Jon Griffith and the commercial guides have dominated the news, other professional alpinists are using social media to say their piece about the Everest incident. Steve House and Stephen Koch are just a couple climbers who are weighing in with their opinions. Here is some of their commentary via Twitter and Facebook:

Steve House (via Twitter)

“I can see that the Everest workers/sherpas could feel threatened by what they see as the 'emergence' of climbers who don't need them."

“There is a gross misunderstanding of modern climbing by most sherpas in Nepal, likely created by Everest and Ama Dablam "guiding"."

“In 2011, while acclimating on the normal route on Makalu we climbed solo next to fixed lines. Lead sherpa threatened us there as well."

“Packing to attempt a new route on #Everest in alpine style? Better bring one of these!" (see photo left)

Stephen Koch

“When anyone, Sherpa, Westerner or other thinks guided climbing takes precedence over non guided climbing, there are wrong. To jeopardize the life of a fellow mountaineer by rapping into them on the steep, icy and exposed Lhotse face is totally unacceptable. Sure, the pro climbers are making money from their activities in the mountains too. Bottom line is, according to all accounts, they were not interfering with the fixing of the ropes in any way during their climb to camp 3 on Lhotse face."

“Everest, as any mountain or range is not owned by anyone, unless it happens to be on private property."

“The beauty of mountains is freedom. Freedom to climb what you want, how you want, especially if you are doing it in a style that has less impact on the mountain and on the environment. The meeting about fixing ropes was for the guided groups, otherwise Simone and his team would have been there? Were they not invited? Or was it that they were not going to use the fixed ropes so it was not of concern to them? I do not know."

“The act of climbing the Lhotse face, away from the fixing and fixed ropes does not seem harmful. If I am solo on the Lhotse face and a Sherpa or anyone comes sliding down a fixed rope into me, I would be hard pressed not to use profanity and do whatever necessary to stay alive. Scary stuff. The Sherpa sliding down onto the solo climbers is WAY crossing the line. That is putting the lives of the climbers in danger of falling, and I would even go so far as to say that it would be murder if they knocked someone off in this way."

“Then egos got going and it all blew up from the sound of it due to the juiced western climber who got over excited and started the brawl."

“The mountains are for everyone.”


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Independent guide and climber Stephen Koch believes the "mountains are for everyone"
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Steve House is an Alpine-style climber with Skyward Mountaineering and states "gross misunderstanding of modern climbing by most sherpas in Nepal"
courtesy Steve House, SOURCE
Steve House: “Packing to attempt a new route on #Everest in alpine style? Better bring one of these!"
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