Names of Everest rope team summiteers

Posted: May 10, 2013 10:03 pm EDT

(By Nick Boudreau and Correne Coetzer, Update May 13, 2013 03:48 pm EDT) Climbing Sherpa belonging to various expedition teams have successfully fixed the ropes and reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 10, 2013. Summiting for the fifth time, David Tait climbed, worked and summited with the rope team.

Asian Trekking (Astrek) reported the following Sherpa summited at 11:40 AM local time on May 10:

1) Pasang Kami Sherpa - Khumjung VDC ward # 9, Phorste Solu Khumbu, Nepal 2013 IMG Everest Expedition II/Beyul Adventure

2) Tshering Dorje Sherpa - Khumjung VDC ward # 8, Pangboche, Solu Khumbu, Nepal - 2013 IMG Everest Expedition

3) Phurba Tashi Sherpa - Khumjung, Solu Khumbu, Nepal, - Mountain Experience

4) Nima Tenzing Sherpa - Mountain Experience

5) Nawang Tenzing Sherpa - Mountain Experience

6) Gyalzen Dorji Sherpa, Khumjung VDC Ward # 9, Phortse, Solu Khumbu, Nepal - Mountain Experience

7) Kami Rita Sherpa- Namche ward # 7, Thame - Alpine Ascents, Shangrila Nepal

8) Phurba Kancha Sherpa - Namche ward # 7, Thame, Alpine Ascents, Shangrila Nepal

9) Shera Gyalzen Sherpa - Khumjung, Solu Khumbu - Eco Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Exp. - Asian Trekking

10) Pemba Tshering Sherpa- Khumjung, Solu Khumbu - Eco Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Exp. - Asian Trekking

11) Kami Rita Sherpa - Namche ward # 8 Thame, Adventure Consultants, Himalayan Guides

At 11:55 AM Eco Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Expedition-2013 Climbing Sherpa, Pemba Tshering Sherpa and Sera Gyalzen Sherpa, reached the summit, reported Astrek. They were also part of this South side rope fixing team.

[Ed note: Update May 13, 2013 03:58 pm EDT: See summits on Everest: update May 13 for the 13 climbers who summited May 10, 2013. 12 Sherpas summited, not 13 as previously reported.]


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David Tait.
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