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Summits on Everest, Lhotse and Shishapangma Central

Posted: May 13, 2013 07:48 pm EDT

(By Raheel Adnan, Updated May 13, 2013 05:06 pm EDT) Himalayan Ascent members reached Lhotse and Everest summits today, while climbers from at least two expeditions reached Shishapangma Central Summit (8013) on 9th May.


Route to Everest Summit were fixed on 10th May, when a group of 11 sherpas reached the top at 11:55AM, followed by David Tait and Lhakpa Nuru of Himalayan Experience Expedition (who reached the summit 25mins after rope-fixing team). It was David's fifth Everest summit.

Summits on 10th May:
1) Pasang Kami Sherpa (IMG)
2) Tshering Dorje Sherpa (IMG)
3) Phurba Tashi Sherpa (Himalayan Experience - 20th Summit)
4) Nima Tenzing Sherpa (Himalayan Experience)
5) Nawang Tenzing Sherpa (Himalayan Experience)
6) Gyalzen Dorji Sherpa (Himalayan Experience)
7) Kami Rita Sherpa (Alpine Ascents)
8) Phurba Kancha Sherpa (Alpine Ascents)
9) Shera Gyalzen Sherpa (Asian Trekking)
10) Pemba Tshering (Asian Trekking)
11) Kami Rita Sherpa (Adventure Consultants)
12) David Tait (Himalayan Experience client from UK)
13) Lhakpa Nuru (Himalayan Experience)

David Liano, who is aiming to become the first person to climb Everest from both sides in one season, gambled to go for summit on 11th May (forecast showed chances of strong winds). David did face strong winds but managed to reach the top at 08:05 AM local time. It was David's fourth Everest summit.

Summits on 11th May:
14) David Liano Gonzalez (Asian Trekking client from Spain/Mexico)
15) Samden Bhote (Asian Trekking - 4th Summit, Update correction 05:06 pm: not 5th summit as previously reported)

Himalayan Ascent team started the climb from C4, last night at 9 PM. It's reported that Peter O'Connell reached the top at 06:30 AM with Nima Sherpa and Mingma Sherpa. While Margaret St Hill and Warren Townsend had to turn back from the Hillary Step (8790m at 5.50am) and South Summit (8770m at 6.30am) respectively, due to rough weather conditions.

Summits on 13th May (reported so far):
16) Peter O'Connell (Himalayan Ascent from Ireland)
17) Nima Sherpa (Himalayan Ascent)
18) Mingma Sherpa (Himalayan Ascent)

[Update May 13, 2013 05:06 pm EDT] There are reports about some other climbers who reached top today. (HA Team too reported yesterday that there are other teams in C4 ready for summit push). But these summits are not confirmed yet.

Reports from Everest North side confirm that rope-fixing team completed the fixing task on 10th May, but names of Tibetan guides reaching summit is not available yet.


Ropes to Lhotse summit were not fixed until yesterday, but Himalayan Ascent sherpas finished the job this morning. HA client Chris Jensen Burke reached the top at 11:30 AM local time. These are first SUMMITs of the season on Lhotse.

Summits on 13th May (reported so far):
1) Chris Jensen Burke (Himalayan Ascent from Aus/NZ)
2) Chirring Sherpa (Himalayan Ascent)
3) Lakpa Sherpa (Himalayan Ascent)
4) Pasang Shepa (Himalayan Ascent)


First group of climbers reached Shishapangma Main Summit (8027) on 30th April (Details Here). A Second summit window appeared around 9th/10th May and climbers from different expeditions went for summit bid. The majority of climbers managed to reach the Central summit only.

Ang Tshering Sherpa of Asian Trekking (Astrek) updated Explorersweb about Shishapangma, "Two members Mr. Zoltan Benedek of Austria and Mr. Batmanlai Ulzli-Orshikh of Mongolia reached the summit of Mt.Shishapangma this morning (Ed note: 9th May) at 11am Nepali Time and they are descending down and the rest of the groups are close to summit." (It's not clear whether they reached Central or Main Summit).

One Asian-Trekking member, Fabrizio Silvetti, reached the Central summit on 10th May. News about the remaining team members are still awaited.

Also, Kobler-Partner Expedition members reached the Shishapangma Central Summit on 9th May at 10 AM local time. AMICAL Alpin team also left for summit on 7th May, but no further details are available.

Shishapangma Summits on 9th May
(with Central or Main status unknown):

1) Zoltan Benedek (Asian Trekking client from Austria)
2) Batmanlai Ulzli-Orshikh (Asian Trekking client from Mongolia)

Shishapangma CENTRAL Summits on 9th May
(reported so far)
1) Hans Peter Berchtold (Kobler-Partner client)
2) Richard Bolt (Kobler-Partner client)
3) Thomas Bolt (Kobler-Partner client)
4) Oliver Fricker (Kobler-Partner client)
5) Peter Gschendtner (Kobler-Partner client)
6) Kurt Kirchgatterer (Kobler-Partner client)
7) Rudolf Lehner (Kobler-Partner client)
8) Beni Zeiter (Kobler-Partner client)
9) Kusang Sherpa (Kobler-Partner)
10) Lila Sherpa (Kobler-Partner)
11) Nima Sherpa (Kobler-Partner)
12) Tensing Sherpa (Kobler-Partner)

Shishapangma CENTRAL Summits on 10th May
(reported so far):

13) Fabrizio Silvetti (Asian Trekking Client from Italy)

Everest South conqueror, David Liano, and Shishapangma Summiteer, Zoltan Benedek, were supposed to reach Everest North BC today. They would be leaving for ABC on 16th May, hoping to reach the summit on 19th. Rupert Hauer who summited Shishapangma Main on 30th April has also reached Everest North BC. He moved to ABC on 10th May and acclimatized to 7600m yesterday. Depending upon the weather, Rupert hopes to reach summit between 18th and 21st May.

Based in Lahore, Pakistan telecom engineer and mountaineering enthusiast Raheel Adnan is contributing reporter for ExplorersWeb's mountaineering sections. He shares regular updates on Twitter and runs his own blog at AltitudePakistan posting initiated climbing news from Himalaya and Karakoram


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David Tait and Lhakpa Nuru reached the summit 25 mins after rope-fixing team on May 10th.
courtesy Himalayan Experience, SOURCE
David Liano aims to become the first person to climb Everest from both sides in one season, gambled to go for summit on May 11th, faced strong winds and managed to reach the top at 08:05 AM local time.
courtesy Asian Trekking, SOURCE
Kobler-Partner Expedition members reached the Shishapangma Central Summit on May 9th at 10 AM local time.
courtesy Kobler-Partner, SOURCE
Rupter Hauer moved to ABC on 10th May and acclimatized to 7600m yesterday. Depending upon the weather, he hopes to reach the summit between 18th and 21st May.
courtesy Rupert Hauer, SOURCE