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The "other Everests": Action heating up on 8,000 meter peaks

Posted: Apr 21, 2014 06:11 pm EDT

(By Markian Hawryluk) While Everest has tragically grabbed the headlines this spring, there are major climbs happening on other 8,000 meters peaks that could provide ground-breaking news next month.



Kazakh climbing dynamo Dennis Urubko and partner Boris Dedeshko are planning to put up a new route on the North face of Kanchenjunga. The pair won the Piolet D’Or for their 2009 climb up the Southeast Face of Cho Oyu. Urubko previously summited Kanchenjunga with a Kazakh team in 2002, but had always dreamed of putting up a new route on the 8,586 meter (28,169 ft) peak. The climbing team will also include Polish climber Adam Bielecki and Spaniard Alex Txikon. The group left Kathmandu on April 11 and by Sunday were in base camp and planning a reconnaissance of camp 1 on Monday.



Romanian climbers Zsolt Torok, Cristian Tzecu, Cătălin Neacşu and George Paroncia are working towards being the first Romanian team to the top of Annapurna, at 8091 meters, the tenth highest peak in the world. The team plans to climb via the normal route. Bad weather on the peak prevented any summits in 2013. Torok was part of a team that summited Nanga Parbat last year. According to Torok’s blog, he and Paroncia were in camp 2 at 5,700 meters on April 17, and were working on fixing ropes to camp 3. Tzecu and Neacşu were in base camp after Neacşu was hit in the leg by a boulder and needed time to recuperate.


Cho Oyu

As of April 18, 16 year-old Matt Moniz, Mike Moniz and Jim Walkley were in base camp on Cho Oyu for three days and were completing their acclimatization hikes with plans on moving soon to advanced base camp. The team is attempting to climb Cho Oyu, Everest and Lhotse this spring.



Fred Roux and Mike Horn arrived at the lower base camp of Makalu at 4,800 meters and were preparing to move to their high base camps 1,000 meters higher. At last report, Chris Jensen Burke was approaching base camp on Makalu.



The RMI team has spent a few night at camp 1 and was able to carry nearly to Camp 2, but have been battling bad weather.




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Members of Denis Urubko's team sleep on the bus on route to Kanchenjunga.
courtesy http://urubko.blogspot.com, SOURCE
Matt Moniz and team at 18,000 on Cho Oyu
courtesy Climb7.com, SOURCE