Annapurna: Holding back Summit-Bids, Other Climbers Start Acclimatization

Posted: Apr 02, 2015 12:11 pm EDT

(By Raheel Adnan) Dreamers Destination summit team has returned to Kathamandu. Samuli Mansikka and Pebma Sherpa will remain on Annapurna - probably forever - as an aerial operation to retrieve their bodies remained unsuccessful. After first summits, bad weather halted any progress on mountain for a week but the conditions are improving now. A couple of teams are well acclimatized and will go for summit in coming days. Other climbers have just arrived at BC and started the acclimatization.



International Expedition Members in C1


Canadian Al Hancock and American Alexander Barber are part of international expedition comprised of members from China (female climber Luo Jing), Spain, Japan and Sherpa guides from Nepal. They reached BC on weekend and started the climb yesterday.

Alex Barber updated from C1 last night, “today (April 1st) I moved up to Camp 1 at about 17,000′ from 13,800′ BC. Enjoyed good weather in the morning which turned to light snow in the afternoon. The route to C1 is quite a distance from BC and has some enjoyable climbing. Low angle water ice and low grade mixed climbing, also a precarious arm wrap rappel of some 200′ on the most insane choss… The recent snowfall – plowing through knee deep snow – made some sections of the route very tiring. I’m hoping the weather holds and I am able to make Camp 2 tomorrow.”



The Summit Push Group


Weather for next couple of days is forecasted to be ‘sunny in mornings followed by wet afternoons’. The summit push climbers have apparently decided to wait till conditions improve.

Carlos Soria’s team started first summit push from BC on March 25th, however decided to turn back from C1 due to changing weather. Chris Jensen Burke and Lakpa Sherpa also postponed their summit-bid.

“With deteriorating weather and circumstances on the mountain over the past few days we are deferring our summit push pending a better weather forecast for a good window. I'll be back with more once we are ready to move,” Chris Burke updated on March 28th.

Norwegian climber Tore Sunde Rasmussen was in C2 on March 26th, but had to abandon the Annapurna expedition due to medical reasons, although not related to altitude. He was back in Kathmandu by March 29th.



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"Arrived Annapurna BC today by helicopter-as we flew through the clouds Annapurna appeared, 12,800ft above us-awesome!" Alex Barber tweeted on reaching BC.
Snow covered Annapurna BC; bad weather halted any progress on mountain for a week but the conditions are improving now.