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First Everest Avalanche Video Shows Monster Cloud Hitting Camps

Posted: Apr 27, 2015 02:30 am EDT

(Newsdesk) “The ground is shaking!” …sheize…shit… RUN! RUN!"


A new dawn rising on Everest, the first pictures and videos are now hitting internet documenting the avalanches and their aftermath.


"The avalanche from the Icefall-Nuptse is gigantic," reported a member of Eric Arnold's team in one of the first personal accounts after the BC slide. He wasn't kidding, shows the following video, recently uploaded to youtube by German climber Jost Kobusch.


The mountaineer is seen leisurely filming a quiet and snowy basecamp when he realizes into his camera, “the ground is shaking...” One moment later people run for their lives, diving into their tents as a giant mass of snow is coming for them (ed note: it's not clear from where).


"The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running ourselves to save our lives," Kobush describes the scenes.


Other climbers: "My ears are filled to the brim with snow"

Team Arnold's testimony pretty mush narrates the video images: "Not much later I realize that the cloud is going to hit base camp. Arnold beckons me, come to the mess tent. I run the 20 feet to the tent, mid avalanche cloud touches me. I am totally lost direction and walk against Moulay his tent. Then I storm into the tent."


"My ears are filled to the brim with snow. In five seconds, I look like the abominable snowman. It is now an hour after the avalanche. Details about the victims, I do not know. Our plan to walk to Pumori BC was not happy today. From which side was a huge avalanche."


End of day 2 roundup


In other news Sunday, several aftershocks - the strongest measuring 6.7 - caused new avalanches and further collapses of the icefall. 


Many climbers have been stranded high up on the mountain after the icefall route broke up. The icefall doctor left for Gorak Shep but several of the mountaineering guides have continued his work. Alan Arnette and other climbers reported that some people have actually been airlifted from camp 1. 


All the seriously injured have been airlifted out of Base Camp mostly to HRA's (Himalayan Rescue Associations) field station in Pheriche which is not ideal but the hospitals in Kathmandu are overfilled.


As for the trekking route, Swedish mountaineer Johan Ernst Nilson told Explorersweb from Namche Bazaar that many villages were more or less demolished and people were evacuated. 


217 people are missing in the Everest area according to officials and around 20 bodies have reportedly been recovered from Mount Everest BC (numbers vary).  


Veteran Himalaya weatherman Javier Corripio of MeteoExploration has prepared a special weather forecast for the Everest area that can be viewed here





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Screenshot from video
courtesy Jost Kobusch, SOURCE
Video of the Everest south side avalanche
courtesy Jost kobusch, SOURCE
Graphics of the huge block of ice that fell onto Everest south side base camp.
courtesy Tom Sjogren/ExplorersWeb, SOURCE
Skies opened enough on the second morning to allow evac of injured from BC.
courtesy Elia Saikaly, SOURCE
From Namche temporary camp: "After a few after shakes most of the people in Namche have now moved up on the mountain and far away from the village. This is the school in Namche that has moved into tents for safety. We are still waiting for a new quake."
courtesy Johan Ernst Nilson, SOURCE