Everest ice fall avalanche: names of victims released

Everest ice fall avalanche: names of victims released

Posted: Apr 18, 2014 03:29 pm EDT

(Newsdesk) All climbing activities are shut down on the Nepalese/South side of Everest as an avalanche swept away a large number of sherpa climbers this morning about 6:45am local time.


According to initial reports the unstable section dubbed the "Popcorn field" at about 5,800 metres in the Everest icefall connecting base camp and camp 1 collapsed in an avalanche. Expeditions are releasing reports of the accident from base camp; find their news straight from source in ExplorersWeb's news and dispatch feeds.


 "As many as 100 climbers were stranded above a broken ladder that are being evacuated down to camp,“ reported Peak Freaks earlier this morning. Adventure Consultants confirmed some of their Sherpas have also been involved. Alpine Ascents lost five.


The Home Ministry as well as the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) have confirmed the death of 12 mountaineers so far.


  • Mingma Nuru Sherpa of Namche-4
  • Dorji Sherpa of Namche-4
  • Ang Tshiri Sherpa of Namche-07
  • Nima Sherpa of Namche-09
  • Phurba Ongyal Sherpa of Khumjung-07
  • Lakpa Tenjing Sherpa of Khumjung-02
  • Chhring Ongchu Sherpa of Khumjung-02
  • Dorjee Khatri of Lelep-09
  • Then Dorjee Sherpa of Khumjung-07
  • Phur Tempa Sherpa of Yaphu-09
  • Pasag Karma Sherpa of Juvin-05,
  • Asman Tamang of Sotang-09


Still missing according to the Ministry:

  • Tenzing Chottar Sherpa of Namche-09
  • Ankaji Sherpa of Makalu-09
  • Pem Tenji Sherpa of Choksam-02
  • Ash Bahadur Gurung of Laprak-07


The climbers belong to Shangrila Nepal, Himalayan Guides Nepal Treks and Expedition, Seven Summit Treks, Summit Nepal Trekking and Himalayan Ecstasy Treks.


For blogs streaming as the teams update news, check in at ExplorersWeb.




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(MoCTCA) have confirmed the death of 12 mountaineers so far.
Helicopters were flying up and down doing rescues of stranded climbers, reported Tim from Peak Freaks
courtesy Peak Freaks, SOURCE