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Everest south side update: two women on the mountain (against a mob)

Posted: May 13, 2014 07:49 pm EDT

(Tina Sjogren) Nepal Ministry officials have urged expeditions to continue their climb on Everest south side and maintain that the mountain is open for business . MoTCA told Himalayan Times that Everest and Lhotse are not closed; icefall doctors are there to fix ropes from the Base Camp to Camp 2. 


Climbers routinely climb the peaks that took their friends "for them"  and many Sherpa wanted to continue the ascent but this year was different outfitters said: In addition to the avalanche killing 16, mountain morale was tarnished by renegade Sherpa using the situation to push their political agenda against other Sherpa and the government.


Out of the around 40 expeditions in place only one has remained:  that of American Cleo Weidlich going for Lhotse. In a new twist Chinese woman climber Wang Jing is now enroute to climb Everest south side, Himalayan Times said. Chang was part of the Himex Everest outfit according to the Ministry. 61-years-old Himex expedition leader Russell Brice has published a newsletter denying his involvement.


Despite the official assurances Cleo has repeatedly complained on Facebook that her climb through the icefall has been sabotaged  and she has now opted to helicopter pass the section to camp 2, reports said. Airlifts half-way up the mountains are common around the world in places such as Mont Blanc (The Alps), Elbrus (Russia) and Denali (US) and such flight are also frequent in "last degree expeditions" skiing the last bit to the South- and North Poles.


They are novel on Everest and the latest events - while obviously a dangerous escalation in themselves - are another round in the changing face of Himalayan climbing, the battle for values in adventure, and the question of an individual's right to climb to the top of her world against the force of bullies. 


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Chinese Wang Jing (left) has climbed a number of lower peaks; American/Brazilian Cleo Weidlich has a collection of 8000ers.
courtesy Exweb, SOURCE