Everest summiteer lost on lonely climb: Farewell Malli - updated

Posted: Apr 07, 2015 11:25 pm EDT


(Tina Sjogren, Updated April 9, 2015 8:46 am EDT) "April 2004, I gained confidence to aspire for Everest by reading MountEverest.net section The Dream," he told us in an email. He continued to check in over the years. 


Malli's own "dream" ended up with his becoming the first Indian citizen to accomplish both versions of 7 summits and several records.


Sadly, news reached us the Indian mountaineer perished on a lonely climb in the Andes a short while back. According to sources Malli Mastan Babu went missing on March 24 while climbing alone in the Andes Mountains in Argentina, and has been found dead.


The mountains kept their favorite child, friends posted on Facebook. And the stars gained a new dreamer. Goodbye Malli.


Update April 9, 2015 8:46 am EDT


Explorersweb reader, Arun Mahajan sent over the following update:


"It looks like he was found dead in his small tent at 6000m. It was unclear exactly how he died but it could be related to bad weather and being unable to get back down and running out of food/water/gas. Also, the descent route was different than the ascent."


"I also understand that the prime minister of India has expressed his condolences and that the Indian government is picking up the costs of getting his body down and then back home to India."









Image of Malli on the summit of Carstensz Pyramid, Irian Jaya, courtesy of Malli Mastan Babu.