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Exweb Tech Week 2014: Best Sellers and Innovations

Posted: Feb 06, 2014 01:24 pm EST

(HumanEdgeTech) With all the practicalities covered, on to the fun part: innovations with an adventure edge and HET best sellers.


Current Best Seller: HEAT Foot warming system 

Used by many polar explorers and almost all modern winter expeditions to Himalaya including Simone Moro and Denis Urubko the HEAT ultralight footwarming system  customized by climbers offers a radically simple and effective solution to frostbite prevention.

Runner up: CONTACT Expedition Software


Beyond Facebook: Post images and videos to a custom website with tracking on interactive maps (or feed into your existing site). Foul weather backup: call in a voice dispatch automatically transcribed and published to your website. Built by explorers the award winning CONTACT software eliminates "handshakes" and allows offline editing which saves expensive satellite time. 


Thousands of expeditions and organizations have used CONTACT as their blogging tool from the wild during the past decade. Also available as an iPhone app (Android late March 2014) CONTACT runs on any computer.

Power and kindred spirits

In the world's largest adventure solar power store HumanEdgeTech features all quality brands available.  


The12W Feather2 series is popular for "small gear" such as satellite phones. Coupled with 30W or 62W Feather2, the smart  P50 battery charges laptops and satellite modems.


Confused by all the satellite/power/software/computer choices? Involved with tech for more than 3000 expeditions, the staff at HumanEdgeTech are explorers themselves.


Around since 2002 with yearly updates and customized versions - HET ready-to-go packages are specialized and convenient bundles of the latest and most optimal technology for any location and situation.




Based in San Francisco, team HET is close to tinkerers and tech innovators typical of the Bay area. Some of the latest favorite projects:



Around for more then 10 years already, drones are becoming smarter, smaller and better at flying on altitude. Now adventurers are test driving them in the extremes.


Innovative explorer Antony Jinman brought a $300 Parrot AR Drone 2.0 with him on a two months-long solo unsupported Antarctica expedition this winter. The Parrot people in France helped build a custom DC charger for the Parrot and a HET P50 and a Feather2 30Watt provided the power. All controlled by Antony from an iPAD mini while on a torturous hike to the South Pole.


In future exploration, this is how Antony envisions drones could help:

"I think in the future there could be great scope for drones to aid with route finding, especially in changing or unknown routes/environments," he recently told ExplorersWeb.


"When we did the Penny Ice Cap a few years back we attempted to travel up one recommended glacier valley but quickly found ourselves in a heavy moraine field. A drone could have helped us see the extent of the moraines earlier and saved us time and effort with a quick aerial survey. I think there is still some development needed but it's exciting with how technology can be incorporated into an expedition to help document it and share the experience."


Explorer/heli pilot Maker 


Working as a helicopter rescue pilot in South America Jim felt that doing data using an Iridium phone required way too many cables and connections. His SatCase, an Iridium based sleeve and protective case for your Android Galaxy, should hit the market during 2014. Read more about the Thuraya SatSleeve and Iridium based SatCase in the first entry of this tech week.


Robot Camera Man


Human powered Around-the-World explorer Erden Eruc told us about the $300 SoloShot robot cameraman, prefect for solo climbers and explorers. Put the camera on a Soloshot motorized tripod and outfit the explorer with a radio device. The camera will follow the explorer like a pup.


Ball Camera


Ready for another Everest first? One quick toss of the Panono Camera will capture everything in every direction into a high resolution 360° X 360° full- spherical panoramic image. Preorders at www.panono.com.


Biometrics and smartphones in the wild


Last spring for a TV show HumanEdgeTech built a system tracking biometrics (heart rate, temperatures, body position, location etc) of hikers around the globe. The data was uploaded live from difficult geo locations via an Android smartphone coupled to satellite and back to a Basecamp also powered by satellite. Watch for applications in disaster assistance and telemed. 


Do you have adventure related innovations you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you.


Safe climbs!


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Check out  www.humanedgetech.com 











Antony Jinman: “It is relatively easy to let the drone take off and ski pass it. I set it up to hover. The best is, after skiing away from it, I could fly it back to me without having to ski back to pick up the camera.”
courtesy Antony Jinman, SOURCE
SoloShot - for the Messner out there.
This foot/hand heating system was customized by climbers and is current HET bestseller.
Toss this Panoramic Ball Camera from Everest summit for the ultimate proof that it gets indeed lower on all sides.
Joshua and Tom from HumanEdgeTech at Stanford testing a solution connecting 2 or more BGAN's for double speed over satellite. It worked!