Has K2 been tamed? K2 summiteer Adrian Hayes answers ExWeb

Has K2 been tamed? K2 summiteer Adrian Hayes answers ExWeb

Posted: Jul 29, 2014 11:20 pm EDT


(Tina Sjogren and Correne Coetzer) Exweb asked Hayes for an interview and while we're waiting for his complete debrief, here's one of his replies from K2 Base Camp. 


ExplorersWeb: Has K2 been "tamed" now? Has it become more accessible and safer and will it become like Everest?


Hayes said, "The stunning successes have been down to an unprecedented fantastic weather window and snow conditions. It's a good question. Top ask, but it's a damn hard and technical mountain and with some wind, lower temperatures or normal snow conditions, we would never have got half the 35 who summitted Saturday [July 26] up, if at all…"


He added, "more attempts today from Bulgarians (post Broad Peak) and a Spanish climber spent the night above Bottleneck, thus serious concerns.”


Watch this space for more from Adrian.




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Adrian on top of K2, July 26, 2014. He reached the top at 15:20 local time.
courtesy Adrian Hayes, SOURCE