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Climbers' Quake Efforts: Call for Rolwaling and latest from Hayes (updated)

Posted: May 12, 2015 01:07 am EDT

(Newsdesk/updated 05/12/15, 10 am PST) A shoutout has been made for the Rolwaling valley on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Mingma Sherpa says most houses have collapsed and people worry that the big glacier lake, Tsho Rolpa, will break out and oveflow the valley and much of Nepal.  


According to Mingma several bridges leading to the village have vanished while media and authorities have not yet reached this part of the country.









Teodor Johansen  wrote that (a different) Mingma left Monday to Rowaling with food and medicines. (This Mingma reportedly summited Everest 19 times).


Latest from Adrian Hayes meanwhile is that he's headed to the remote settlements between Langtang and Gorkha, towards the quake epicentre, many areas of which haven’t been visited to date.


"Plan to trek anything between 10-14 days and don’t expect it to be at all easy – continual landslides the greatest challenge and danger," Hayes reported yesterday.  "As before my objective will be to report, communicate via sat comms and offer medical assistance where can."

Similar to team Bowie, Hayes has NGO’s and other organizations on call for assistance as necessary. Hayes says that, "now that the Search and Rescue immediate action response has been wound down, the biggest needs are shelter (the Monsoon is approaching), food and epidemic prevention and treatment. And although it is no longer front page news, the needs are as great as ever."


UPDATE: USGA reported a new quake M7.3 - striking today 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal. (The previous "Everest quake" was 7.8) Check ExWeb's news feeds for sources. 





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People worry that the big glacier lake, Tsho Rolpa, will breakout and overflow the valley.
courtesy GoogleMaps, SOURCE
Close-up of the lake and text by Mingma Sherpa.
courtesy Mingma G Sherpa, SOURCE
Rolwaling sits at altitude on the border to China.
courtesy GoogleMaps, SOURCE
Location of today's 7.3 quake.
courtesy GoogleMaps, SOURCE
Rolwaling call for help
courtesy Pasang Tenzing Sherpa /https://www.facebook.com/ptsherpa1, SOURCE