Summer 2014: Bad Weather, Cleaning up K2 and More Arrivals

Posted: Jul 04, 2014 10:09 am EDT

(By Raheel Adnan) Summer 2014 mountaineering season has been progressing pretty smoothly so far, except some bureaucratic delay faced by few teams due to change in rules. Nonetheless, besides the majority of climbers who have already reached BC, almost all teams are now on the way to the mountains.


On K2 and Broad Peak, where C2 were established few days back, the climbers have now descended to BC. Heavy snowfall has been reported from the region. The teams are resting and recovering before heading up towards C3.



Cleaning up K2


While the main objective of Pakistani K2 expedition, sponsored by Ev-K2-CNR, is to climb the mountain on 60th anniversary of first ascent, but the team has been doing some much needed cleaning up work on its slopes.  During latest venture up the mountain, the climbers dismantled around 700m of old ropes from House’ Chimney. Apart of environmental hazards, the maze of damaged ropes had also claimed two lives in past years, says Michele Cucchi (an Italian member of the team).


Earlier, the Italian members of the team installed a weather station near BC to collect live meteorological data. On the subject of cleaning up, the team recently found an old oxygen tank near the bottom of Abruzzi Spur, which belonged to 1954 Italian expedition. The climbers aim to take down as much garbage from the slopes of K2 as possible.


After setting up C2 last week, all members of expedition are currently back to BC. Meanwhile, heavy snowfall has been reported from the region. The climbers will be aiming to establish C3 once weather improves. Italian, Greek and Polish teams are also in BC.



More Arrivals


More climbers have arrived at K2 (and Broad Peak) Base Camp. The international expedition (Adrian Hayes, Al Hancock and Sherpas) and Nepalese Female team reached the mountain, earlier this week. American Expedition (Garrett Madison, Alan Arnette, Matthew Dupuy and Fredrick Sylvester) left Skardu on July 2nd and are currently trekking to BC.


Lastly, another K2 expedition, the Czech team led by Radek Jaros, flew to Islamabad on July 2nd. They will now be travelling to Skardu. The team spent some time in South America’s mountains for acclimatization before heading to Pakistan.



Spaniards Trekking


The group of Spanish climber is currently trekking to BC. Two teams led by Oscar Cadiach and Lina Quesada will be attempting Broad Peak, whereas Ferran Latorre will be on K2.



Broad Peak


All Broad Peak climbers have descended to BC after spending a night in C2, for acclimatization. Kiwi/Australian lady, Chris Burke, who will be attempting K2 later this season, wrote on July 2nd, “A couple of days ago, Lakpa and I completed our first rotation to BP Camp 2.”


Moreover, the teams at Broad Peak BC currently include a Bulgarian Duo, a Taiwanese expedition, Australian Gavin Vickers and Romanian Alex Gavan, Polish Broad Peak Middle team, Mexican couple and Pakistani expedition led by Karim Hayat.


Finnish Samuli Mansikka is currently trekking to BC, while a Japanese Broad Peak team arrived in Skardu a few days ago.



Gasherbrum Team Nearing BC


Gasherbrum international expedition led by Tunc Findik is currently trekking to BC. They will be reaching the mountain in a couple of days.



Based in Lahore, Pakistan, telecom engineer and mountaineering enthusiast Raheel Adnan is a reporter for Explorersweb's mountaineering sections. He shares regular updates on Twitter and runs his own blog at Altitude Pakistan posting initiated climbing news from Himalaya and Karakoram.




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Going up House' Chimney, just below C2. Pakistani team retrieved 700m of old ropes from this section of K2.
An empty oxygen tank found near Abruzzi Spur BC. It belongs to the 1954 Italian expedition, which made the first ascent of K2.